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2008The Dressed Society: Clothing, the Body and Some Meanings of the WorldCorrigan, Peter John13-Aug-2009
2001Imran Khan: The road from cricket to politicsCorrigan, Peter John12-May-2010
2008The Mass MediaCorrigan, Peter John13-Aug-2009
2008Proposal for an Australian Higher Education Graduation StatementJames, Richard; Meek, Vincent Lynn ; Harman, Grant ; Van Der Lee, Jeannet Jaantje ; Corrigan, Peter John; Goedegebuure, Leo; Harris, K18-Aug-2009
2003TASA 2003 Conference Proceedings: New Times, New Worlds, New Ideas: Sociology Today and TomorrowCorrigan, Peter John; Gibson, Margaret Mary; Hawkes, Gail ; Livingston, Eric ; Scott, John ; Thiele, Steven John; Carpenter, Gillian15-Feb-2010