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2006Australian Law Postgraduate Network (ALPN)Colbran, S; Tynan, B1-May-2008
2006A Comparative Analysis of Judicial Performance Evaluation ProgrammesColbran, S5-May-2008
2003Family Law Rules 2004Buckley, JN; Barblett, A; Mayes, L; Colbran, S6-Aug-2008
2002Judicial Performance Evaluation: Accountability without complianceColbran, S2-May-2008
2006Podcasting, Student Learning and ExpectationsTynan, B; Colbran, S25-Sep-2008
2004Review of Marcus Bowles, 'Relearning to E-Learn: Strategies for Electronic Learning and Knowledge', 2004Colbran, S16-Dec-2008