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4-Aug-2017Amphibians on the brinkBower, Deborah S ; Lips, Karen R; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Georges, Arthur; Clulow, Simon2-May-2019
31-Dec-2013Identifying Conservation and Research Priorities in the Face of Uncertainty: A Review of the Threatened Bell Frog Complex in Eastern AustraliaMahony, Michael J; Hamer, Andrew J; Pickett, Evan J; McKenzie, Daniel J; Stockwell, Michelle P; Garnham, James I; Keely, Claire C; Deboo, Matthew L; O'Meara, Jen; Pollard, Carla J; Clulow, Simon; Lemckert, Francis L; Bower, Deborah S ; Clulow, John16-May-2019
14-Jan-2019Interaction between temperature and sublethal infection with the amphibian chytrid fungus impacts a susceptible frog speciesCampbell, Lachlan; Bower, Deborah S ; Clulow, Simon; Stockwell, Michelle; Clulow, John; Mahony, Michael24-May-2019
2019Island of opportunity: can New Guinea protect amphibians from a globally emerging pathogen?Bower, Deborah S ; Lips, Karen R; Amepou, Yolarnie; Richards, Stephen; Dahl, Chris; Nagombi, Elizah; Supuma, Miriam; Dabek, Lisa; Alford, Ross A; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Ziembicki, Mark; Noro, Jeffrey N; Hamidy, Amir; Gillespie, Graeme R; Berger, Lee; Eisemberg, Carla; Li, Yiming; Liu, Xuan; Jennings, Charlotte K; Tjaturadi, Burhan; Peters, Andrew; Krockenberger, Andrew K; Nason, Dillian; Kusrini, Mirza D; Webb, Rebecca J; Skerratt, Lee F; Banks, Chris; Mack, Andrew L; Georges, Arthur; Clulow, Simon25-Jun-2020
25-Nov-2015Predator Presence and Vegetation Density Affect Capture Rates and Detectability of Litoria aurea Tadpoles: Wide-Ranging Implications for a Common Survey TechniqueSanders, Madeleine R; Clulow, Simon; Bower, Deborah S ; Clulow, John; Mahony, Michael J15-May-2019
15-Oct-2016Salinity tolerances of two Australian freshwater turtles, Chelodina expansa and Emydura macquarii (Testudinata: Chelidae)Bower, Deborah S ; Scheltinga, David M; Clulow, Simon; Clulow, John; Franklin, Craig E; Georges, Arthur14-Jul-2020
Aug-2016Susceptibility to disease varies with ontogeny and immunocompetence in a threatened amphibianAbu Bakar, Amalina; Bower, Deborah S ; Stockwell, Michelle P; Clulow, Simon; Clulow, John; Mahony, Michael J15-May-2019