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2005Australia's corporate governance: Balancing historic, regional and free trade paradigmsClarke, Andrew David26-May-2009
2003Australian Legal Institutions: Principles, Structure and OrganisationHughes, RA; Leane, GWG; Clarke, Andrew David21-Jul-2009
2005Beyond the Nation State: Corporate Governance in TransitionClarke, Andrew David26-May-2009
2005Japanese Corporate Governance for Employees: New Architecture, Persistent Practices?Clarke, Andrew David26-May-2009
2005The Models of the Corporation and the Development of Corporate GovernanceClarke, Andrew David26-May-2009
2003Negligence: A Practical Learning ApproachClarke, Andrew David24-Jul-2009
2004The Relative position of employees in the corporate governance context: An international comparisonClarke, Andrew David1-May-2009
2005SMEs and Corporate governance: Politics, Resources and Trickle-down EffectsClarke, Andrew David5-Aug-2009