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2018Concussion Incidence for Two Levels of Senior Amateur Rugby League in New Zealand, 2008-2011King, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor; Gissane, Connor20-Apr-2018
2017Injuries in New Zealand amateur rugby league matches by positional groupsCummins, Cloe ; King, Douglas ; Clark, Trevor26-Apr-2018
2017Measurement of Head Impacts in a Senior Amateur Rugby League Team with an Instrumented Patch: Exploratory AnalysisKing, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Gissane, Conor; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor30-Apr-2018
-Sports-related injuries in New Zealand: National Insurance (Accident Compensation Corporation) claims for five sporting codes from 2012 to 2016King, Doug ; Hume, Patria A; Hardaker, Natalie; Cummins, Cloe ; Gissane, Conor; Clark, Trevor5-Apr-2019