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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Are we still 'Flying Blind?' Crime Data and Local Crime Prevention in New South WalesClancey, Garner5-May-2017
2015The 'art and science' of preparing crime risk assessment reportsClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Lee, Murray5-May-2017
2014Community Safety and Crime Prevention Partnerships: Challenges and OpportunitiesSheperdson, Patrick; Clancey, Garner; Lee, Murray; Crofts, Thomas2-May-2017
2013A Comparative Analysis of Crime Risk Assessments and their Application in Greater Manchester and New South WalesMonchuk, Leanne; Clancey, Garner1-Jun-2017
2012Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and the New South Wales crime risk assessment guidelines: A critical reviewClancey, Garner; Lee, Murray; Fisher, Daren5-May-2017
2016Crime prevention through environmental design in New South WalesClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren26-Apr-2017
2011Crime Risk Assessments in New South WalesClancey, Garner23-Apr-2017
2011Do Crime Risk Assessment Reports Measure Crime Risks?Clancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Lee, Murray3-May-2017
2013Editorial: Designing out Crime - Voices from the FieldsClancey, Leanne Monchuk; Clancey, Garner15-May-2017
2014An exploratory study of crime risks and the planning processClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Rutherford, Amanda5-May-2017
2015A local case study of the crime declineClancey, Garner2-May-2017
2015Local Crime Prevention: 'Breathing Life (Back) into Social Democratic and Penal Welfare Concerns'?Clancey, Garner21-Apr-2017
2014The New South Wales Property Crime DeclineClancey, Garner; Lulham, Rohan5-May-2017
2016A Partial History of Localised Crime Prevention in New South Wales, AustraliaClancey, Garner5-May-2017
2014Partnerships and NSW local government Community Safety OfficersShepherdson, Patrick; Clancey, Garner; Lee, Murray; Crofts, Thomas10-May-2017
2016Placing Crime: The Failings of Urban-Centric Environmental CriminologyLee, Murray; Clancey, Garner9-May-2017
2016Policing built environment crime risks: the role of police in CPTED in New South Wales, AustraliaFisher, Daren; Clancey, Garner; Rutherford, Amanda5-May-2017
2016A recent history of Australian crime preventionClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Yeung, Natalie16-May-2017
2016A review of the impact of crime risk assessment reports in New South Wales, AustraliaClancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren; Lyons, Adam; Lee, Murray5-May-2017
2014Risky Reports: Crime Risk Assessments and Spatial GovernanceLee, Murray; Clancey, Garner; Fisher, Daren26-Apr-2017