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2009Farmer's Challenge In Improving Upland Farming Systems in CambodiaPhaloeun, Chan; Martin, Robert ; Farquharson, Robert J; Sopheap, Ung; Chanthy, Pol; Tara, Pin12-Mar-2012
2015Influence of Temperature and Humidity Regimes on the Developmental Stages of Green Vegetable Bug, 'Nezara viridula' (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) From Inland and Coastal Populations in AustraliaChanthy, Pol; Martin, Robert ; Gunning, Robin V; Andrew, Nigel R 4-Feb-2016
2010Insects of upland crops in CambodiaChanthy, Pol; Belfield, Stephanie; Martin, Robert 12-Mar-2012
2007Weeds of Upland Crops in CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Chanthy, Pol12-Mar-2012
2009Weeds of upland crops in CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Chanthy, Pol12-Mar-2012
2010Weeds of upland crops in Cambodia [Khmer translation]Martin, Robert ; Chanthy, Pol12-Mar-2012