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2007Acoustic lattice Boltzmann model for immiscible binary fluids with a species-dependent impedanceBuick, James; Cosgrove, JA; Higham, R20-May-2009
2007Analysis of the Casson and Carreau-Yasuda non-Newtonian blood models in steady and oscillatory flows using the lattice Boltzmann methodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James; Green, Simon20-May-2009
2004Application of the acousto-optic effect to pressure measurements in ultrasound fields in water using a laser vibrometerBuick, James; Cosgrove, JA; Douissard, P-A; Greated, CA; Gilabert, B4-May-2009
2007Comparison of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows in a two-dimensional carotid artery model using the lattice Boltzmann methodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James20-May-2009
2007Investigating the correlation between mathematical pre-knowledge and learning gains in service physicsBuick, James20-May-2009
2006Investigation of a lattice Boltzmann model with a variable speed of soundBuick, James; Cosgrove, JA20-May-2009
2005Investigation of Silo Honking: Slip-Stick Excitation and Wall VibrationBuick, James; Chavez-Sagarnaga, J; Zhong, Z; Ooi, JY; Pankaj,; Campbell, DM; Greated, CA15-Sep-2011
2006Non-Newtonian Shear Thinning Flow in a Single-Screw ExtruderBuick, James; Boyd, Joshua25-Nov-2011
2004Numerical simulation of particle motion in an ultrasound field using the lattice Boltzmann modelCosgrove, JA; Buick, James; Campbell, DM; Greated, CA20-May-2009
2006Numerical simulation of the flow field in the mixing section of a screw extruder by the lattice Boltzmann modelBuick, James; Cosgrove, JA6-Feb-2012
2006A Second-order accurate lattice Boltzmann non-Newtonian flow modelBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James; Green, Simon20-May-2009
2004Variation in the Thickness of A Fluid Interface Due to Internal Wave Propagation: A Lattice Boltzmann SimulationBuick, James; Hann, DB; Cosgrove, JA4-May-2009