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30-Mar-2020The bird remains from Saruq al-Hadid: Insights into human activity and the environment in late prehistoric southeastern ArabiaRoberts, James ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Fillios, Melanie ; Cable, Charlotte ; al-Aali, Yaaqoub Yousef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan15-Jun-2020
Aug-2019Dating Persistent Short-Term Human Activity in a Complex Depositional Environment: Late Prehistoric Occupation at Saruq al-Hadid, DubaiWeeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte ; Karacic, Steven; Franke, Kristina A ; Price, David M; Newton, Claire; Roberts, James ; Al Ali, Yaaqoub Youssef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan30-Nov-2020
Dec-2018Integrating a complex late prehistoric settlement system: Neutron activation analysis of pottery use and exchange at Saruq al-Hadid, United Arab EmiratesKaracic, Steven; Weeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte ; Mery, Sophie; al-Ali, Yaaquob; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan; Glascock, Michael D; MacDonald, Brandi L12-Apr-2019
Aug-2019Preliminary insights into late prehistoric fish procurement strategies in the desert interior of southeastern Arabia: The results of LA-ICP-MS analysis of a fish otolith assemblage from Saruq al-Hadid, UAERoberts, James ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Fillios, Melanie ; Cable, Charlotte ; al-Ali, Yaaqoub Youssef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan15-Jun-2020
Aug-2020The provenance of early Iron Age ferrous remains from southeastern ArabiaStepanov, Ivan S ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Franke, Kristina A ; Overlaet, Bruno; Alard, Olivier; Cable, Charlotte M ; Al Aali, Yaaqoub Yousif; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan; Grave, Peter 14-Jul-2020
Dec-2019Worked and decorated shell discs from southern Arabia and the wider Near EastWeeks, Lloyd ; David‐Cuny, Hélène; Avanzini, Alessandra; Lischi, Silvia; Genchi, Francesco; Caputo, Francesco; Youssef Al Ali, Yaaqoub; Boraik, Mansour25-Nov-2021