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2012Advances in Minority Language Research in Nigeria: Volume 1Blench, Roger; McGill, Stuart30-Apr-2015
2011The Austroasiatic Urheimat: the Southeastern Riverine HypothesisSidwell, Paul; Blench, Roger25-Feb-2015
2012Copy Pronouns: Case Studies from African LanguagesStorch, Anne; Atindogbe, Gratien G; Blench, Roger30-Apr-2015
2013Introduction to the Temein languagesBlench, Roger6-May-2015
2013Links between Cushitic, Omotic, Chadic and the position of KujargeBlench, Roger3-Nov-2015
2013Mwaghavul expressivesBlench, Roger4-Jan-2016
2013Nuba Mountain Language StudiesSchadeberg, Thilo; Blench, Roger6-May-2015
2013The Nuba Mountain languages: an introductionSchadeberg, Thilo C; Blench, Roger6-May-2015
2008Past Human Migrations in East Asia: Matching archaeology, linguistics and geneticsSanchez-Mazas, Alicia; Blench, Roger; Ross, Malcolm D; Peiros, Ilia; Lin, Marie21-May-2015
2013The Prehistory of the Daic- or Kra-Dai-Speaking Peoples and the Hypothesis of an Austronesian ConnectionBlench, Roger10-Jun-2015
2014Rethinking Sino-Tibetan phylogeny from the perspective of North East Indian languagesBlench, Roger; Post, Mark 8-Apr-2014
2011The role of agriculture in the evolution of Southeast Asian language phylaBlench, Roger25-Feb-2015
2013Splitting up KordofanianBlench, Roger6-May-2015
2012Two Vanished African Maritime Traditions and a Parallel from South AmericaBlench, Roger25-Feb-2015
2013Was there once a Zone of Vegeculture Linking Melanesia with Northeast India?Blench, Roger4-Nov-2015