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2004The Bethania GermansHolzheimer, Raymond; Atkinson, Alan26-Feb-2016
2000Chartist Political Culture in Britain and Colonial Australia, c. 1835-1860Messner, Andrew Charles; Atkinson, Alan; Kent, David ; Prothero, Iori2-Jun-2014
1997'Forty acres and a crow': A comparison of soldier settlement in Australia after the two World WarsSparkes, Rosemary; Bridge, Carl; Atkinson, Alan; Mitchell, Bruce2-Nov-2010
2012From Phillip to Grose: Leadership in New South Wales from 1788 to 1794Cunneen, Stephen; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan2-Aug-2012
2009'Harry Grimsby' Reconsidered: The New South Wales Colonial Constabulary 1825-35McCabe, Kristine; Atkinson, Alan; Roberts, David 19-Nov-2009
1998The Making of a Diocese And the Moulding of Its People: The Maitland Diocese During the Episcopacy of James Murray, 1866-1909Zimmerman, Beverly Ruth; Atkinson, Alan; Townsend, Norma25-Jul-2012
2007Of the people, by the people, for the people: Law-making in New South Wales, 1843-1855Mills, Kerry Fraser; Atkinson, Alan1-Sep-2010
2009Opportunities and Risks in the Development of the NSW Shipping Industry, 1821-1850Holcomb, Janette; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan14-Sep-2009
2008Perspectives of Women as Historians: an exploration of women's learning and historical practiceNye, Adele Anthea; Edwards, Helen ; Atkinson, Alan1-Sep-2010
1997Popular Religion in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land from 1788 to the 1850sGregory, Philip Leonard; Atkinson, Alan; Quaife, Geoffrey3-Nov-2010
2005Space, Time and Sovereignty: Literate Culture and Colonial Nationhood in New South Wales up to 1860Coote, Anne Isobel; Atkinson, Alan; Townsend, Norma; Kent, David 26-Jun-2013