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2007Clever Queen Learns the Wisdom of God: The Queen of Sheba in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Qur'anTidswell, Toni9-Mar-2010
2006Education for tolerance of world religionsFranzmann, Majella Maria ; Tidswell, Toni1-May-2009
2001From Named to Nameless, from Bad to Insipid: Eve between First Testament and Qur'anTidswell, Toni8-Jan-2013
2004The Qur'an and contemporary Muslim understanding of modesty: the case of the Aziz's wifeTidswell, Toni29-Oct-2009
2010Roadside Mourning: Exposing the Grief Behind Roadside Memorial ConstructionClark, Jennifer R ; Tidswell, Toni10-Jun-2010
2006Women in the Qur'an and Hebrew Scriptures: the development of text, story and characterTidswell, Toni; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella Maria; Shboul, Ahmad17-Dec-2010
2006Zulaykha: Temptress or True LoveTidswell, Toni25-May-2009