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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Language Delays, Reading Delays, and Learning Difficulties: Interactive Elements Requiring Multidimensional ProgrammingHay, Ian; Elias, Gordon; Fielding-Barnsley, Ruth; Homel, Ross; Freiberg, Kate2-Dec-2010
2008Middle School Students' Interest in Statistical LiteracyCarmichael, Colin; Hay, Ian31-May-2012
2004Noise and Teacher and Student Stress: A Flawed Inclusive Approach in Inappropriate Facilities?Winn, Stephen ; Hay, Ian6-Aug-2012
2006The Pathways to Prevention project: doing developmental prevention in a disadvantaged communityHomel, R; Freiberg, K; Lamb, C; Leech, M; Batchelor, S; Carr, A; Hay, Ian; Teague, R; Elias, G4-Oct-2011
2006The Pathways to Prevention Project: The First Five Years, 1999-2004Homel, Ross; Freiberg, Kate; Batchelor, Samantha; Lamb, Cherie; Leech, Marie; Carr, Angela; Hampshire, Anne; Hay, Ian; Elias, Gordon; Manning, Matthew; Teague, Rosie21-May-2018
2006A preliminary investigation of parenting attributes of Australian foster carersCuskelly, M; Hay, Ian; Winchcomb, M; Cervetto, K; Walker, J; Chu, J8-Feb-2012
2007Reading intervention: The benefits of using trained tutorsWoolley, G; Hay, Ian19-May-2009
2002Response to Learning disabilitiesHay, Ian30-Sep-2013
2007Review of 'Costs and Outcomes of Community Services for People with with Intellectual Disabilities' R. J. Stancliffe & K. C. Lakin (Eds.), 2005. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brooks Publishers AU$63.80 (pbk), 337 pp. + index ISBN 1-55766-7-18-7Hay, Ian; Davies, Kim; Mohay, Heather26-Sep-2011
2006School Counsellors and Young People in CareHay, Ian; Cuskelly, M26-Sep-2011
2003The Sources of Stress for Special Educators Working in Inclusive EnvironmentsHay, Ian; Winn, Stephen 3-Aug-2009
2006Teachers' Perceptions and Classroom Application of Mathematical Computer SoftwareHay, Ian; Booker, George21-Feb-2012
2009Transition from school for youths with a disability: issues and challengesWinn, Stephen ; Hay, Ian3-Feb-2010