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1998Family Violence: Victim, Perpetrator And Service Provider Perceptions Of The Nature Of, Factors Associated With, And Responses To Wife-Battering - An Australian SamplePhokojoe-Niboye, Makhotsang; Potter, Roberto Hugh; Corrigan, Peter12-Sep-2012
2011The gender ideology inscribed in the mission statements of single-sex secondary schools in QueenslandNader, Tatiana Camille; Corrigan, Peter; Hawkes, Gail 16-May-2011
11-Jan-2018Portrayal of terrorism and corruption in non-commercial advertisements: Gender, images and metaphorAlani, Sura; Corrigan, Peter; Ndhlovu, Finex11-Sep-2018
2004Re-constitutioning Australia: Monarchist and Republician Discourses in the 1990sNugus, Peter Ivan; Corrigan, Peter16-Feb-2016
2000Senior Management Women and Gender Equity: A Comparison of Women in the Private and Public SectorsRindfleish, Jennifer May; Papadakis, Elim; Corrigan, Peter; Lucich, Peter14-May-2014