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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Sediment suppresses herbivory across a coral reef depth gradientGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R12-Apr-2017
2016Sediments and herbivory as sensitive indicators of coral reef degradationGoatley, Christopher ; Bonaldo, Roberta M; Fox, Rebecca J; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2017
2017Shelter use by large reef fishes: long-term occupancy and the impacts of disturbanceKhan, Joanna A; Goatley, Christopher ; Brandl, Simon J; Tebbett, Sterling B; Bellwood, David R15-Feb-2018
2016Site fidelity and homing in juvenile rabbitfishes (Siganidae)Bellwood, David R; Goatley, Christopher ; Khan, Joanna A; Tebbett, Sterling B13-Apr-2017
2017Small cryptopredators contribute to high predation rates on coral reefsGoatley, Christopher ; Gonzalez-Cabello, Alonso; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2018