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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009King Joao II of Portugal “O Principe Perfeito” and the Jews (1481-1495)Soyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2008King Manuel I and the expulsion of the Castilian Conversos and Muslims from Portugal in 1497: new perspectivesSoyer, Francois 24-Jun-2020
2008Le Royaume du Portugal et l’Expulsion des Juifs d’Espagne en 1492Soyer, Francois 23-Jun-2020
2010Living in Fear of Revenge: Religious Minorities and the Right to Bear Arms in Fifteenth-Century PortugalSoyer, Francois 10-Apr-2019
2014Manuel I of Portugal and the End of the Toleration of Islam in Castile: Marriage Diplomacy, Propaganda, and Portuguese Imperialism in Renaissance Europe, 1495-1505Soyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
2007The Massacre of the New Christians of Lisbon in 1506: A New Eyewitness AccountSoyer, Francois 24-Jun-2020
30-Oct-2019Medieval Antisemitism?Soyer, Francois 15-Dec-2019
Sep-2006Muslim Freedmen in Leon, Castile and Portugal (1100–1300)Soyer, Francois 20-Jun-2020
2007Muslim Slaves and Freedmen in Medieval PortugalSoyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2017The Passion of Christ in the Church of San Cristobal de Rapaz: An example of Medieval Anti-Jewish Iconography in Colonial Peru?Soyer, Francois 11-Jun-2019
15-Oct-2007The Persecution of the Jews and Muslims of Portugal: King Manuel I and the End of Religious Tolerance (1496-7)Soyer, Francois 22-Jun-2020
2013A Perseguicao aos Judeus e Muculmanos de Portugal - D Manuel I e o Fim da Tolerancia Religiosa (1496-1497)Soyer, Francois 24-Jun-2020
6-Mar-2014Popularizing Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Spain and its Empire: Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contra Judios (1674)Soyer, Francois 22-May-2019
Jan-2017Prohibiting Sexual Relations Across Religious Boundaries in Fifteenth-Century Portugal: Severity and Pragmatism in Legal Theory and PracticeSoyer, Francois 30-Jun-2020
Dec-2015The Public Baptism of Muslims in Early Modern Spain and Portugal: Forging Communal Identity through Collective Emotional DisplaySoyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
2016The Recycling of an Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory into an anti-Morisco one in Early Modern Spain: The Myth of El Vengador, the Serial-Killer Doctor.Soyer, Francois 11-Apr-2019
2011Un Medico entre las Garras de la Inquisicion: el proceso de Simon de Castro (1728-1730)Soyer, Francois 30-Jun-2020