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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008Oc Piece: for recorder quartet (descant, treble, 2 tenors) or for ocarina quartetThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
2015Out of the FrameThorn, Benjamin ; Cope, Gordon 20-Jun-2017
2009Plumbing for Platypuses: for alto saxophone and pianoThorn, Benjamin 14-Jan-2015
2011Poet ZincThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
2013Polly wants a cracker: for recorder and live electronicsThorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
2014Print and Process II: Works from the permanent collectionThorn, Benjamin 3-Sep-2015
2009A Quire of Quolls: for cello and pianoThorn, Benjamin 16-Jan-2015
2018Recorder Studies 10Thorn, Benjamin 23-Jul-2019
2012Three Follies for Bass RecorderThorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014
2014TypographiaThorn, Benjamin 1-Sep-2015
2011Waking Forest and Animal Dance: for recorder quintet (various combinations of 2D, Tr, 5T, B, GB, CB)Thorn, Benjamin 20-Jan-2015
2011When a maid gets to thirty and others: for recorder trio (Treble, Tenor, Bass)Thorn, Benjamin 23-Dec-2014