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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Action, Adventure and Thrills Galore! Biggles in Australia: Radio and ComicsIhde, Erin 29-May-2013
2013Biggles sees red: Saving Australia from the communist menaceIhde, Erin 30-May-2013
2005'Bold, Manly-Minded men' and 'Sly, Cunning Base convicts': The Double Standard of EscapeIhde, E 18-Jul-2008
2018A Chinese-hating American in Colonial Australia? Misconstruing 'Monitor Hall'Ihde, Erin 12-Mar-2019
2012The Church Act: The expansion of Christianity or the imposition of moral enlightenment?Stoneman, David; Roberts, David ; Scully, Richard ; Ihde, Erin ; Clark, Jennifer R 23-Jul-2012
2016The Cold War and Popular Culture: How can we use popular culture as a historical source to learn about the Cold War?Ihde, Erin 31-Oct-2016
2015Do Not Panic: Hawkwind, the Cold War and "the imagination of disaster"Ihde, Erin 14-May-2015
2016Do the debates matter? An examination of the progressively influential role of major party debates on American Presidential Elections: 1960-2008Scaros, Constantinos Emmanuel; Ihde, Erin ; Clark, Jennifer; Allen, Matt31-Jan-2018
7-Oct-2011The Failure of Noble Sentiments: Bogimbah Mission on Fraser IslandArmstrong, Sandra; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan T ; Ihde, Erin 16-Jan-2012
2016FIGHTING FIT: A History of Innovation in the Australian Government Clothing Factory and in the Transformation of the Australian Army Uniform, 1912-1995van Mosseveld, Johanna Maria Sophia; Wise, Nathan ; Ihde, Erin 26-Mar-2018
2014Hall, Edward Smith (1786-1860)Ihde, Erin 10-Feb-2015
2009'Liberty or Life!': The Convict Pirates of the WellingtonIhde, Erin 16-Mar-2010
2004A Manifesto for New South Wales: Edward Smith Hall and the Sydney Monitor, 1826-1840Ihde, E 29-Jul-2008
2008Pirates of the Pacific: The Convict Seizure of the WellingtonIhde, Erin 1-May-2009
2014SaleyardsIhde, Erin 7-Jan-2015
2002Send More Prostitutes: An Alternative View of Female Sexuality in Colonial New South WalesIhde, E 18-Jul-2008
2004To Bank or Not to Bank: Edward Smith Hall on Free Trade and the Commodification of Money in Early New South WalesIhde, E 11-Aug-2008