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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Field experiments for quality digestate and compost in agriculture: Work Package 2 Report - Digestate Nitrogen Supply and Environmental EmissionsNicholson, Fiona; Taylor, Matthew; Crooks, Bill; Knox, Oliver ; Walker, Robin; Misselbrook, Tom; Cardenass, Laura; Chadwick, Dave; Lewis, Paul; Else, Mark; Bhogal, Anne; Rollett, Alison; Williams, John; Newell Price, Paul; Chambers, Brian; Becvar, Anna; Wood, Martin; Litterick, Audrey9-Aug-2016
2016How does a cotton production system change the soil biology?Gupta, Vadakattu; Knox, Oliver ; Bissett, Andrew7-Dec-2016
2015Improved Sustainability and Ecosystem Services from Seaweed Additions to an Old Agricultural Production SystemKnox, Oliver ; Marsden, T J; Warnick, S; Birch, G; Sherbatskoy, M N; Wilson, D B; Harvie, B A28-Jul-2015
2016Improving mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in sodic soilsEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Feb-2017
2016Life Cycle Analysis of the Embodied Carbon Emissions from 14 Wind Turbines with Rated Powers between 50 Kw and 3.4 MwSmoucha, Emily A; Fitzpatrick, Kate; Buckingham, Sarah; Knox, Oliver 11-Aug-2016
2016Looking below the surface: Lessons from the landscapeKnox, Oliver ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Kelly, Bryce; Korbel, Kathryn; Gupta, Vadakattu15-Dec-2016
2017Looking below the surface: What does it mean to you, our growers?Knox, Oliver ; Jenson, Melanie17-Mar-2017
2016Looking below the surface: What it means for youKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
2017Mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in soils differing in sodicityEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca13-Mar-2017
2017Mycorrhizal contribution to phosphorus nutrition of cotton in low and highly sodic soils using dual isotope labelling (32P and 33P)Eskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Flavel, Richard ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Nov-2016
2016Organisms with potential to assist in the control of 'Helicoverpa armigera' in Australian cotton production systemsKnox, Oliver ; Anderson, Chris M T; Ross, Jenna L; Tann, Colin C R; Gupta, Vadakattu V S R19-Jan-2017
2018Reconsider the importance of soil organic carbonOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver 25-Jun-2018
2017Refinement of Passive Nematode Recovery from Cotton Growing High Clay Content Australian VertisolsKnox, Oliver ; Griffiths, B S23-May-2017
2015Regional research into optima ratesKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
2016Regional trials yielding surprising dataKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
2018Soil your...what!Knox, Oliver ; Dickinson, Sally; Jenson, Melanie25-Jun-2018
2018Understanding the impact of soil sodicity on mycorrhizal symbiosis: Some facts and gaps identified from cotton systemsEskandari, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E23-Apr-2018
Aug-2019The value of using mimic weeds in competition experiments in irrigated cottonCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019