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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014Property Law as (De)coloniality in British Hong Kong (1905-1941; 1945-1949)Price, Rohan Bruce Edward; Omar, Imtiaz; Stuckey, Michael 7-Apr-2015
2017Rectification of Documents: Removing Unnecessary ComplexityTarrant, John Patrick; Varayudej, Same ; Stuckey, Michael ; Magner, Eilis19-Mar-2018
2013Representations of Science and Natural Theology in Palgrave's Legal and Institutional Historical ProjectsStuckey, Michael 13-Dec-2013
2013The study of English national history by Sir Francis Palgrave: the original use of the national records in an imaginative historical narrativeStuckey, Michael 24-Mar-2014