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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2010Interactions between the vegetative growth, flowering and yield of macadamia ('Macadamia integrifolia', 'M. integrifolia' x 'M. tetraphylla'), in a canopy management contextWilkie, John Daniel; Olesen, Trevor David ; Sedgley, Margaret 19-Jan-2012
2011Late 20th century warming in a coastal horticultural region and its effects on tree phenologyOlesen, Trevor David 3-Aug-2011
2009A model of vegetative flush development and its potential use managing macadamia ('Macadamia integrifolia') tree canopiesWilkie, John D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Olesen, Trevor David 11-Mar-2010
2011Post-pruning shoot growth increases fruit abscission and reduces stem carbohydrates and yield in macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor David 28-Jul-2011
2011The production of flowers, fruit and leafy shoots in pruned macadamia treesOlesen, Trevor David ; Huett, D; Smith, G27-Jul-2011
2013Production Trends in Mature Macadamia Orchards and the Effects of Selective Limb Removal, Side-hedging, and Topping on Yield, Nut Characteristics, Tree Size, and EconomicsMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor D 23-Jul-2013
2008The role of carbohydrate reserves in evergreen tree development, with particular reference to macadamiaOlesen, Trevor David ; Robertson, D; Muldoon, S; Meyer, R11-Mar-2010
2012Time of pruning affects fruit abscission, stem carbohydrates and yield of macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor David 27-Jun-2012