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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
23-Dec-2020THI Modulation of Genetic and Non-genetic Variance Components for Carcass Traits in Hanwoo CattleChung, Yoonji; Lee, Seung Hwan; Lee, Hak-Kyo; Lim, Dajeong; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022
2008Using and evolutionary algorithm and parallel computing for haplotyping in a general complex pedigree with multiple marker lociLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman ; Kinghorn, Brian 16-Dec-2009
2006Using dominance relationship coefficients based on linkage disequilibrium and linkage with a general complex pedigree to increase mapping resolutionLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 30-Nov-2009
2015Using Genomic Information to Estimate Genotype by Environment InteractionsClark, Sam A ; Lee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 5-Sep-2016
2017Using information of relatives in genomic prediction to apply effective stratified medicineLee, Sang Hong ; Weerasinghe, Shalanee; Wray, Naomi R; Goddard, Michael E; Van Der Werf, Julius H 25-May-2017
2010Using the realized relationship matrix to disentangle confounding factors for the estimation of genetic variance components of complex traitsLee, Sang Hong ; Goddard, M E; Visscher, P M; Van Der Werf, Julius H 29-Apr-2011
21-Apr-2020Whole-Genome Approach Discovers Novel Genetic and Nongenetic Variance Components Modulated by Lifestyle for Cardiovascular HealthZhou, Xuan; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Carson-Chahhoud, Kristin; Ni, Guiyan ; McGrath, John; Hypponen, Elina; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022