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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Dominance Genetic Variation Contributes Little to the Missing Heritability for Human Complex TraitsZhu, Zhihong; Bakshi, Andrew; Milani, Lili; Magi, Reedik; Metspalu, Andres; Hill, William G; Weir, Bruce S; Goddard, Michael E; Visscher, Peter M; Yang, Jian; Vinkhuyzen, Anna A E; Hemani, Gibran; Lee, Sang Hong ; Nolte, Ilja M; van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V; Snieder, Harold; The LifeLines Cohort Study,; Esko, Tonu8-Apr-2016
2019Effect of selection and selective genotyping for creation of reference on bias and accuracy of genomic predictionGowane, Gopal R; Lee, Sang Hong ; Clark, Sam ; Moghaddar, Nasir ; Al-Mamun, Hawlader A; van der Werf, Julius H J 1-Jul-2020
2004Efficient designs for fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci using combined linkage disequilibrium and linkageLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, JH 31-Jul-2008
2020Efficient polygenic risk scores for biobank scale data by exploiting phenotypes from inferred relativesTruong, Buu; Zhou, Xuan; Shin, Jisu; Li, Jiuyong; Van Der Werf, Julius H J ; Le, Thuc D; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022
2006An efficient variance component approach implementing an average information REML suitable for combined LD and linkage mapping with a general complex pedigreeLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 18-Nov-2009
2016EigenGWAS: finding loci under selection through genome-wide association studies of eigenvectors in structured populationsChen, G B; Lee, Sang Hong ; Zhu, Z X; Benyamin, B; Robinson, M R27-Oct-2017
2011Estimating Missing Heritability for Disease from Genome-wide Association StudiesLee, Sang Hong ; Wray, Naomi R; Goddard, Michael E; Visscher, Peter M27-Oct-2017
2012Estimating the proportion of variation in susceptibility to schizophrenia captured by common SNPsLee, Sang Hong ; DeCandia, Teresa R; Visscher, Peter M; Wray, Naomi R; Ripke, Stephan; Yang, Jian; Sullivan, Patrick F; Goddard, Michael E; Keller, Matthew C27-Oct-2017
2014Estimation and partitioning of (co)heritability of inflammatory bowel disease from GWAS and immunochip dataChen, Guo-Bo; Lee, Sang Hong ; Brion, Marie-Jo A; Montgomery, Grant W; Wray, Naomi R; Radford-Smith, Graham L; Visscher, Peter M; International IBD Genetics Consortium,22-Apr-2016
2012Estimation and partitioning of polygenic variation captured by common SNPs for Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and endometriosisLee, Sang Hong ; Harold, D; Nyholt, D R; Goddard, M E; Zondervan, K T; Williams, J; Montgomery, G W; Wray, N R; Visscher, P M; ANZGene Consortium,27-Oct-2017
7-Jun-2018Estimation of Genetic Correlation via Linkage Disequilibrium Score Regression and Genomic Restricted Maximum LikelihoodNi, Guiyan ; Moser, Gerhard ; Wray, Naomi R ; Lee, S Hong 28-Apr-2022
21-Dec-2017Estimation of genomic prediction accuracy from reference populations with varying degrees of relationshipHong Lee, S ; Clark, Sam ; van der Werf, Julius H J 1-Jul-2020
2012Estimation of pleiotropy between complex diseases using single-nucleotide polymorphism-derived genomic relationships and restricted maximum likelihoodLee, Sang Hong ; Yang, J; Goddard, M E; Visscher, P M; Wray, N R27-Oct-2017
2013Estimation of SNP Heritability from Dense Genotype DataLee, Sang Hong ; Yang, Jian; Wray, Naomi R; Chen, Guo-Bo; Ripke, Stephan; Stahl, Eli A; Hultman, Christina M; Sklar, Pamela; Visscher, Peter M; Sullivan, Patrick F; Goddard, Michael E27-Oct-2017
2016Evidence for Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Age at First Birth in WomenMehta, Divya; Tropf, Felix C; Metspalu, Andres; Snieder, Harold; Mowry, Bryan J; Kendler, Kenneth S; Yang, Jian; Visscher, Peter M; McGrath, John J; Mills, Melinda C; Wray, Naomi R; Lee, Sang Hong ; Gratten, Jacob; Bakshi, Andrew; Zhu, Zhihong; Bacanu, Silviu-Alin; Hemani, Gibran; Magnusson, Patrik K E; Barban, Nicola; Esko, Tonu13-May-2016
2007Evidence for multiple alleles effecting muscling and fatness at the Ovine GDF8 locusKijas, James W; McCulloch, Russell; Edwards, Janelle E; Oddy, Hutton ; Lee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 10-Nov-2009
2018The fate of new mutations: genomic selection exploits new mutation variance to a much smaller degree than traditional selectionMulder, H A; Lee, S H ; Clark, S ; Hayes, B J; van der Werf, J H J 3-Jul-2020
2007Fine mapping of multiple interacting quantitative trait loci using combined linkage disequilibrium and linkage informationLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 24-Nov-2009
2006Fine mapping of multiple QTL using a reversible jump MCMCLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 21-Mar-2012
2007Fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci using combined linkage disequilibrium and linkage with general pedigreesLee, Sang Hong ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 12-Jan-2010