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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005Object and Access Evolution in JarrahEvered, MP 26-Sep-2008
2005Object-oriented Access Control in JarrahEvered, MP 13-May-2008
2002Opsis: A Distributed Object Architecture Based on Bracket CapabilitiesEvered, Mark Peter 10-Feb-2010
2012Rationale and Design of the Access Specification Language RASPEvered, Mark P 9-Jan-2013
2012Specification of Role and Attribute Transitions for Secure Information System AccessEvered, Mark P 9-Jan-2013
2005Statically Qualified Types in TimorKeedy, J Leslie; Espenlaub, Klaus; Heinlein, Christian; Menger, Gisela; Evered, Mark Peter 9-Dec-2009
2003Supporting Parameterised Roles with Object-based Access ControlEvered, Mark Peter 4-Feb-2010
2012A Transitive Access Control Model for Dynamic Roles and AttributesEvered, Mark P 9-Jan-2013