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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Closing the gap between Vocational and Higher Engineering Education in Bhutan: An Articulation StrategyDukpa, Andu; Glencross-Grant, Rex 15-Jul-2015
2002Contemporary Issues in Project Management - Risk ManagementGlencross-Grant, Rex 13-Jan-2015
2015Damage detection and performance evaluation of SFRP-retrofitted multi-storey timber buildingsVahedian, Abbas; Mahini, Seyed Saeid ; Glencross-Grant, Rex 29-Jul-2015
2004Designing a 'Best Practice' Model of Integrated Biosystems of Waste Re-Use in a Typical Rural Town: Final Report - July 2004Patrick, Ian ; McNeill, Judith ; Stuart, Deidre; Wilkes, Janelle ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; van der Muelen, Annie; Clibborn, Ben; Curtis, Murray; Cathcart, Max3-Jul-2013
2009The development of transport networks in NSW 1860-1894Glencross-Grant, Rex 10-Mar-2010
2010Developments in engineering education for rural AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex 8-Jan-2013
2009Dray to Steamer: Road Transport Connections between Coast and Tablelands in Northern NSWGlencross-Grant, Rex 14-Mar-2013
2009Dray to steamer: Road transport connections between coast and tablelands in northern NSWGlencross-Grant, Rex 9-Mar-2010
2012Embedding Sustainability Principles in Engineering Education in Regional AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Wilkes, Janelle 8-Jan-2013
2016The European Influence on Laminated Timber Arch Bridges in Colonial Australia, 1852-90Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Berger, Ian23-Feb-2017
2012The evolution of large-truss road bridges in NSW, AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex 7-Dec-2012
2006The evolution of timber truss road bridges in New South WalesGlencross-Grant, Rex 1-Oct-2014
2012Get Set for Success: An update on the EngCAT projectBurton, Lorelle J; Dowing, David G; Kavanagh, Lydia; O'Moore, Liza; Aubrey, Tim; Lowe, David; Wilkes, Janelle ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; McBride, William6-Jun-2014
2011How Do Australian Timber Bridges Stack Up? A comparative study with International Timber Bridge developmentsMoore, John Chisnall ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Mahini, Saeed S ; Patterson, Robert 19-Feb-2015
2009How to Stop the Rot? Continuous Monitoring of Short Span Timber Beam BridgesMoore, John Chisnall ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Patterson, Robert 14-Mar-2013
2011Hunter & Central Coasts New South Wales - Vulnerability to climate change impacts: Report to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, AustraliaBrunckhorst, David J ; Reeve, Ian ; Morley, Philip; Coleman, Michael ; Barclay, Elaine ; McNeill, Judith ; Stayner, Richard ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Thompson, Jeff; Thompson, Lyndal-Joy3-Jan-2013
1996In-grade Testing of Norfolk Island pine ('Araucaria heterophylla') to Enable Characterisation for use as a Structural TimberGlencross-Grant, Rex 3-Jul-2013
2005Integrated Biosystems for Resource Conservation in Rural Industries: An Australian ExperienceMcNeill, J ; Glencross-Grant, R ; van der Meulen, AW12-Nov-2008
2009Keynote Address: The Development of Transport Networks in New South Wales, 1860-94Glencross-Grant, Rex 14-Mar-2013
2009Large road bridges in northern NSW: 19th century evolution from timber to iron and back againGlencross-Grant, Rex 1-Feb-2010