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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Maternal accounts of educational & support services in rural communities for disabilitiesHussain, Rafat ; Tait, Kathleen ; Young, Louise13-Mar-2013
2015Parental perceptions of information needs and service provision for children with developmental disabilities in rural AustraliaHussain, Rafat ; Tait, Kathleen 5-Jul-2016
2008Problem behaviour or communication breakdown?Tait, Kathleen 19-Sep-2012
2007Problem behaviour or just a communication breakdown?Tait, Kathleen 4-Dec-2009
2008Reflecting on How to Optimize Tertiary Student Learning Through the Use of Work Based Learning Within Inclusive Education CoursesTait, Kathleen 10-Nov-2009
2006'Teacher Talk': A school-based case study outlining a communication intervention within a regular classroomHeywood, Pam; Tait, Kathleen 14-Dec-2009
2004Teaching communicative rejecting to children with severe disabilitiesSigafoos, J; Drasgow, E; Reichle, J; O'Reilly, M; Green, VA; Tait, K 8-May-2008