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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Recent advances in Australian broiler litter utilisationTurnell, James Robert ; Faulkner, Richard David ; Hinch, Geoffrey 20-Jan-2010
2005The role of broiler nutrition in environmental managementTurnell, James Robert ; Faulkner, Richard David 16-Dec-2009
2008Soil Spatial Variability Effects on Irrigation EfficiencyKerridge, Belinda L; Hornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard David 29-Aug-2012
2005Use of SIRMOD as a Quasi Real Time Surface Irrigation Decision Support SystemHornbuckle, J; Christen, EW; Faulkner, RD 26-Sep-2008
2013Using soil surface temperature to assess soil evaporation in a drip irrigated vineyardKerridge, Belinda L; Hornbuckle, John ; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard D 15-Jan-2013
2006Using the Scanning Electron Microprobe and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to Locate ¹⁴C- and ¹³C-Labelled Plant Residues within Soil AggregatesBlair, Nell Edkins; Prince, K E; Faulkner, Richard David ; Till, Arthur Raymond17-Dec-2009
2007Water requirements for earthworms 'Eisenia andrei' grown exclusively on broiler litterTurnell, James Robert ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Faulkner, Richard David 2-Feb-2010