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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Data Development Analysis in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study of the Australian Food, Beverages and Tobacco Manufacturing IndustryKotey, Bernice Adei ; O'Donnell, Christopher John15-Feb-2010
2002Data Envelopment Analysis in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study of the Australian Food, Beverages and Tobacco Manufacturing IndustryKotey, BA ; ODonnell, CJ27-Jun-2008
1999Debt Financing and Factors Internal to the BusinessKotey, Bernice A 9-Oct-2015
2015Demographic and Economic Changes in Remote AustraliaKotey, Bernice A 28-Jul-2015
2014Demographic and economic impact of mining on remote communities in AustraliaKotey, Bernice A ; Rolfe, John15-Sep-2015
2011Determinants of Sustainability Reporting: An Analysis of Corporations in Anglo EconomiesAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A 21-Feb-2012
2015The digital economy and its impact on Australian and New Zealand SMEsKotey, Bernice A ; Battisti, Martini24-Sep-2015
2020The Digital Value Propositions for Virtual Business IncubatorsSaavedra, Angelo ; Kotey, Bernice ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 18-Nov-2020
2004Distance Learning Students vs Traditional Students in a Small Business Management CourseKotey, Bernice Adei ; Anderson, P22-Aug-2012
2010Do collectivist cultures prepare students for teamwork?Kotey, Bernice A 7-Jul-2011
2009Economic and Social Diversity in Australia's Cotton Producing CommunitiesSorensen, Anthony ; Kotey, Bernice A 22-Oct-2010
2007The effect of demand-side factors on accessing external finance and performance of SMEs in ThailandSarapaivanich, Naruanard; Kotey, Bernice 15-Sep-2009
2006The Effect Of Financial Information Quality On Ability To Access External Funds And Performance Of SMEs In ThailandSarapaivanich, Naruanard; Kotey, Bernice Adei 10-Nov-2009
Mar-2019Effect of Regulation on Outreach of Microfinance Institutions in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice 14-May-2019
2016The Effect of Regulations on Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Promoting Small Business Growth in GhanaQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice ; Bollen, Bernard27-Jan-2017
2020Employee FWA needs and employer provisions across diverse age groupsKotey, Bernice ; Wark, Stuart 30-Sep-2020
2007Employee training in SMEs: Effect of Size and Firm Type - Family and NonfamilyKotey, Bernice Adei ; Folker, Cathleen8-Dec-2009
2016Enablers and Barriers to Exit of Regional Small Business Owners in AustraliaKotey, Bernice A 9-May-2016
2006Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: A Theoretical FrameworkKotey, BA 1-May-2008
2008Entrepreneurship and SME Strategy in the Chinese Economic Transition: A perspective of personal valuesGao, K; Kotey, Bernice Adei 19-Nov-2010