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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005How Modern Governments Made Prostitution a Social Problem: Creating a Responsible Prostitute PopulationScott, J 30-Jul-2008
2013How Rural Criminology Informs Critical Thinking in CriminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; Scott, John ; Barclay, Elaine 7-Nov-2013
2012Inequalities of crimePereira, Margaret A; Scott, John 21-Mar-2012
2006InstitutionalizationScott, John 27-Aug-2012
2007Introduction - There's crime out there, but not as we know it: Rural criminology - the last frontierScott, John ; Hogg, Russell George ; Barclay, Elaine ; Donnermeyer, JF16-Aug-2009
2014Key Concepts in Crime and SocietyCoomber, Ross; Donnermeyer, Joseph F ; McElrath, Karen; Scott, John 30-Apr-2015
2005A Labour of Sex?: Female and Male ProstitutionScott, J 29-Jul-2008
2019Making Sense of Indigenous Youth Night PatrolsSims, Margaret ; Cooper, Trudi; Barclay, Elaine ; Scott, John 17-Jan-2019
2001The management of venereal disease in New South Wales,1871 to 1916Scott, John 16-Dec-2009
2008Masculinity, Rurality and ViolenceCarrington, Kerry ; Scott, John 6-Nov-2009
2006MicronesiaScott, John 30-Oct-2009
2012Mining, sex work and STIs: why force a connection?Scott, John ; Minichiello, Victor 20-Aug-2012
2012Modes of Criminal Justice, Indigenous Youth and Social DemocracyHearfield, Colin ; Scott, John 20-Aug-2012
2013New Pleasures and Old Dangers: Reinventing Male Sex WorkMinichiello, Victor ; Scott, John ; Callander, Denton14-Mar-2013
2006Penal ColoniesScott, John 27-Aug-2012
2005Perspectives in Human SexualityHawkes, Gail ; Scott, John 17-Nov-2009
2007Policing in rural Australia: The country cop as law enforcer and local residentScott, John ; Jobes, Patrick Clark12-Oct-2009
2010Policing the Outback: Impacts of Isolation and Integration in an Australian ContextBarclay, Elaine ; Scott, John ; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 28-Oct-2011
2003A Prostitute's Progress: Male Prostitution in Scientific DiscourseScott, John 6-May-2009
2004Prostitution and public health in New South Wales: reply to Egger and HarcourtScott, John 25-Nov-2009