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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Rural and Agricultural CrimeBarclay, Elaine ; Weisheit, Ralph A; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 15-Jan-2016
2008Rural Child AbuseDonnermeyer, Joseph F 29-Aug-2013
2012Rural crime and critical criminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F 27-May-2013
2006Rural Crime, Poverty, and CommunityDonnermeyer, JF ; Jobes, PC; Barclay, E 24-Sep-2008
2014Rural CriminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; DeKeseredy, Walter S29-Apr-2015
2009Sociological Theory, Social Change and Crime in Rural CommunitiesDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; Jobes, Patrick C; Barclay, Elaine 20-Jan-2012
2014Special Issue: Critical Rural CriminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; Carrington, Kerry; DeKeseredy, Walter31-May-2017
2005A Tale of Two Towns: Social Structure, Integration and Crime in Rural New South WalesJobes, PC; Donnermeyer, JF ; Barclay, E 2-May-2008
2013Thinking Critically about Rural CrimeDeKeseredy, Walter S; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 22-May-2013
2009Toward a gendered Second Generation CPTED for preventing woman abuse in rural communitiesDeKeseredy, Walter S; Donnermeyer, Joseph F ; Schwartz, Martin D21-May-2013
2008Toward a Rural Critical CriminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; DeKeseredy, Walter S21-May-2013
2010When Health Involves Hunting and Peeing in the Front Yard: Obama's Health Reform and the Importance of Rural MasculinityStough-Hunter, Anjel; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 21-May-2013