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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002'On' and 'on': Verbal explications for a polysemic networkGoddard, Cliff 25-May-2009
2002The On-going Development of the NSM Research ProgramGoddard, Cliff 18-Aug-2009
2010A Piece of Cheese, a Grain of Sand: The Semantics of Mass Nouns and UnitizersGoddard, Cliff 13-Oct-2010
2006Pitjantjatjara/YankunytjatjaraGoddard, Cliff 18-Aug-2009
2002Posture, location, existence, and states of being in two Central Australian languagesGoddard, Cliff ; Harkins, Jean16-Aug-2009
2008Re-thinking THINK in contrastive perspective: Swedish vs. EnglishGoddard, Cliff ; Karlsson, Susanna19-Aug-2009
2011Referring Expressions and Referential Practice in Roper Kriol (Northern Territory, Australia)Nicholls, Sophie; Baker, Brett ; Goddard, Cliff ; Siegel, Jeff 14-Dec-2011
2002The Search for the Shared Semantic Core of All LanguagesGoddard, Cliff 16-Aug-2009
2010Semantic AnalysisGoddard, Cliff ; Schalley, Andrea 25-May-2011
2011Semantic Analysis: A Practical IntroductionGoddard, Cliff 8-Jun-2012
2007Semantic MoleculesGoddard, Cliff 10-Sep-2009
2010Semantic molecules and semantic complexity (with special reference to "environmental" molecules)Goddard, Cliff 16-May-2011
2007Semantic primes and conceptual ontologyGoddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
2007Semantic primes and cultural scripts in language learning and intercultural communicationGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna17-Aug-2009
2002Semantic Primes and Universal GrammarGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna16-Aug-2009
2002Semantic Primes and Universal Grammar in Malay (Bahasa Melayu)Goddard, Cliff 16-Aug-2009
2004Semantic Primes within and across LanguagesGoddard, Cliff 25-Feb-2010
2011Semantics and CognitionGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna9-Jun-2011
2003Semantics and CognitionGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna12-Aug-2009
2009"Sledui putem risovogo polia": semantika poslovits v angliiskom I malaiskom iazykahGoddard, Cliff 2-Aug-2011