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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009The 'Communication Concept' and the 'Language Concept' in Everyday EnglishGoddard, Cliff 8-Feb-2010
2009The conceptual semantics of numbers and counting: An NSM analysisGoddard, Cliff 3-Jun-2011
2012Contrastive lexical-conceptual analysis of folk religious concepts in English, Arabic, and Hebrew: NSM approachHabib, Sandy; Goddard, Cliff ; Gladkova, Anna 3-Aug-2012
2008Contrastive semantics and cultural psychology: English 'heart' vs. Malay 'hati'Goddard, Cliff 13-Aug-2009
2009Contrastive semantics of physical activity verbs: 'Cutting' and 'chopping' in English, Polish, and JapaneseGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna2-Feb-2010
2008Cross-Linguistic SemanticsGoddard, Cliff 11-Aug-2009
2004"Cultural Scripts": a New Medium for Ethnopragmatic InstructionGoddard, Cliff 8-Sep-2009
2010Cultural Scripts: Applications to Language Teaching and Intercultural CommunicationGoddard, Cliff 6-Jul-2011
2004Cultural scripts: What are they and what are they good for?Goddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna13-Aug-2009
2009CultureGoddard, Cliff 21-Jun-2011
2007A culture-neutral metalanguage for mental state conceptsGoddard, Cliff 8-Sep-2009
2011The Danish Universe of Meaning: Semantics, Cognition and Cultural ValuesLevisen, Carsten Almann; Goddard, Cliff ; Gladkova, Anna 17-Sep-2012
2002Directive speech acts in Malay (Bahasa Melayu): An ethnopragmatic perspectiveGoddard, Cliff 3-Aug-2009
2003Dynamic ter- in Malay (Bahasa Melayu): A study in grammatical polysemyGoddard, Cliff 10-Aug-2009
2004The Ethnopragmatics and Semantics of 'active metaphors'Goddard, Cliff 31-Jul-2008
2006Ethnopragmatics: a new paradigmGoddard, Cliff 26-Aug-2009
2006Ethnopragmatics: Understanding Discourse in Cultural ContextGoddard, Cliff 3-Sep-2009
2002Ethnosyntax, Ethnopragmatics, Sign-Functions, and CultureGoddard, Cliff 13-Aug-2009
2002Explicating Emotions Across Languages and Cultures: A Semantic ApproachGoddard, Cliff 19-Aug-2009
2007Key Words in the Discourse of Discrimination: A Semantic AnalysisStollznow, Karenina Louisa; Goddard, Cliff ; Woodman, Karen; Ellis, Elizabeth 1-Sep-2010