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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Description and evaluation of a social cognitive model of physical activity behaviour tailored for adolescent girlsLubans, David R; Okely, Anthony D; Morgan, Phillip J; Cotton, Wayne; Puglisi, Lauren; Miller, Judith A 30-Jan-2012
2007Differences and similarities between the performance of a fundamental skill in gymnastics for three cohorts: Children, young adults and older adultsHaynes, John Ewen ; Miller, Judith Anne 7-Jun-2012
2009Does grouping by perceived ability sustain student attitude towards physical education?Haynes, John E ; Fletcher, Timothy; Miller, Judith A 22-Mar-2010
2006Does Sun-Safety make a Health Program or a Health Promoting School?: A Case study of Climate, Culture and Barriers to Best PracticeBrady, Rosalind; Miller, Judith Anne ; Hussain, Rafat 7-Jun-2012
2009Early career leadership opportunities in Australian rural schoolsGraham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith A ; Paterson, David L 14-Oct-2010
2004The early years: Prevention rather than interventionHands, B; Miller, Judith Anne ; Schiller, W; Sanders, L; Smith, M; Baldock, R8-Jun-2012
2015Education for Sustainability in Primary Health and Physical EducationMcNeil, Elizabeth; Miller, Judith A ; Littledyke, Michael 30-Jun-2015
2020The Educational Relationship between Bhutan and AustraliaTshering, Dolay; Berman, Jeanette ; Miller, Judith 31-Aug-2020
2006The Effects of grouping by perceived ability on the attitude of Year Ten students toward Physical EducationFletcher, Tim; Miller, Judith Anne ; Haynes, John Ewen 7-Jun-2012
2009Efficient Movement: Intervention by Pre-service Teachers for Primary School-aged ChildrenMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Pennington, Jim15-Mar-2010
-Expectations of Parents of Children with Disabilities in Bhutan Inclusive SchoolsJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 17-Feb-2021
2012Experiences of Professional Women in Leadership Positions in New South Wales Rural Schools: Early to Late Career PerspectivesAl-Awiwe, Azhar Ahmed; Miller, Judith ; Graham, Lorraine24-Jul-2012
2014Fast Track, Bush Track: Late Career Female Rural School Leaders Taking the Slow RoadMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Al-Awiwe, Azhar A29-Apr-2014
2004From practice to theory and back again: A process of writing for tertiary level students in health promotionBrady, Rosalind; Miller, Judith Anne ; Haynes, John Ewen 8-Jun-2012
2006Fundamental motor skill and coordination - essential elements for performance outcomes of primary school-aged childrenMiller, Judith Anne 7-Jun-2012
2004Games sense approach to improving fundamental motor skillsAustin, Brad; Haynes, John Ewen ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Davis, Katrina8-Jun-2012
2010The Girls in Sport Intervention and Research Project: Thinking Beyond the SquareMiller, Judith A 20-Sep-2010
2012Gross National Happiness through Gross National Healthiness: Cross Cultural Approaches of Pre-service Teacher Education - Health EducationMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Wangdi, Lungten4-Jun-2012
2013Gross National Happiness through Gross National Healthiness: Cross Cultural Approaches of Pre-Service Teacher Education through School Students' Health EducationMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Wangdi, Lungten23-May-2013
2015Health and Physical Education: Preparing educators for the futureCallcott, Deborah; Miller, Judith A ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan4-Nov-2015