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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013Influencing the Organization's Priorities - A Theoretical Rationale for an Independent InterventionKhan, Ashfaq A ; Mihret, Dessalegn2-Apr-2014
2015Interactive use of perfomance measurement systems and the organzation's customers-focused strategy: the mediating role of organizational learningYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq A 15-Jul-2015
-The "interactive" performance measurement system and team performance - Towards optimal organizational utilityYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad ; Triwacananingrum, Wijaya19-Aug-2021
2013Leadership, Business Schools and Financial Crises: The search for a missing linkKhan, Ashfaq A ; Ahmad, Wiqar18-Oct-2013
2013Matching Resources with Demand: A Flawed Strategy?Khan, Ashfaq A ; Ahmad, Waqar19-Sep-2013
2007The microfinance sector responds to the turbulent external environment: A case study of the Akrsp in PakistanKhan, Ashfaq A 7-Oct-2010
2008Paradigm shift in the microfinance sector and its implications for theory development: empirical evidence from PakistanKhan, Ashfaq A 2-Aug-2010
2014Qualitative Research: A Case for a Multi-Angle View to Enhance 'Validity'Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad 2-Sep-2014
2017A revisit of the participative budgeting and employees' self-efficacy interrelationship - empirical evidence from Indonesia's public sectorYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad 8-Jan-2018
2013The role of internal auditing in risk managementMihret, Dessalegn; Khan, Ashfaq A 2-Apr-2014
2019Strategic performance measurement system, firm capabilities and customer-focused strategyYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq Fadhilah ; Fadhilah, Arief7-Jun-2019
2015Strategic Performance Measurement System: A Service Sector and Lower Level Employees Empirical InvestigationYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq A 11-May-2015
2021A strategy for using digital mindsets and knowledge technologies to move past pandemic conditionsStewart, Cherry ; Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad 19-Aug-2021
2008Tackling the Failure of Microfinance Efforts Through Amalgamating Microfinance with Charity: Two Viable Alternatives in the Context of PakistanKhan, Ashfaq A 24-Jun-2010
Oct-2018Theories Linking Capital Structure with Financial Performance 2018Alghamdi, Abdulaziz; Donleavy, Gabriel ; Farooque, Omar Al ; Anderson, John ; Khan, Ashfaq 27-Jul-2021
2012'Validity' Issues in Qualitative Research in Social Sciences: View from Two Angles, Have a Better LookKhan, Ashfaq A 9-Apr-2013