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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Bridging the Methodological Gap between Self, Practice and ResearchFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Haynes, John Ewen 24-Dec-2009
2006Can't go over it! Can't go through it! Must go around it!Freak, A ; Miller, JA ; Haynes, JE 19-Aug-2008
2012Contemporary Curriculum and Pedagogical Approaches for Physical Education in the Australian ContextHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A 21-Oct-2013
2010Continuing Development in Teacher Education through Research Using Researcher-Developed InstrumentsFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E 2-Jun-2010
2007Differences and similarities between the performance of a fundamental skill in gymnastics for three cohorts: Children, young adults and older adultsHaynes, John Ewen ; Miller, Judith Anne 7-Jun-2012
2009Does grouping by perceived ability sustain student attitude towards physical education?Haynes, John E ; Fletcher, Timothy; Miller, Judith A 22-Mar-2010
2006The Effects of grouping by perceived ability on the attitude of Year Ten students toward Physical EducationFletcher, Tim; Miller, Judith Anne ; Haynes, John Ewen 7-Jun-2012
2009Efficient Movement: Intervention by Pre-service Teachers for Primary School-aged ChildrenMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Pennington, Jim15-Mar-2010
2004From practice to theory and back again: A process of writing for tertiary level students in health promotionBrady, Rosalind; Miller, Judith Anne ; Haynes, John Ewen 8-Jun-2012
2004Games sense approach to improving fundamental motor skillsAustin, Brad; Haynes, John Ewen ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Davis, Katrina8-Jun-2012
2012Gross National Happiness through Gross National Healthiness: Cross Cultural Approaches of Pre-service Teacher Education - Health EducationMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Wangdi, Lungten4-Jun-2012
2013Gross National Happiness through Gross National Healthiness: Cross Cultural Approaches of Pre-Service Teacher Education through School Students' Health EducationMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Wangdi, Lungten23-May-2013
26-Oct-2018Intended and Taught GNH-Infused Curricula in Secondary Schools of Thimphu and Samtse Districts, Bhutan: A Mixed Methods School Effectiveness ResearchThinley, Pema; Haynes, John ; Jenkins, Kathryn ; Cohen, Kristen 20-Aug-2019
2013A move to an innovative games teaching model: Style E Tactical (SET)Nathan, Sanmuga; Haynes, John E 12-Nov-2013
2006Objective Measurement Using Pictorial DataHaynes, JE 25-Sep-2008
2015A Partnership Aimed at Improving Health and Physical Education at a Rural School: Impacts on Pupils, University Students, Teachers and AcademicsMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Pennington, James3-Sep-2015
2012Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Primary School Physical Education: Transformative Learning in Generalist Pre-Service Teacher EducationFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith ; Haynes, John ; Geake, John 22-May-2012
2010Pre-service teachers' assessment of Fundamental Motor Skills, two approaches: Real vs Video analysis of performancesMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Waqa, Taniela7-Jun-2012
2015Preparing pre-service primary school teachers to assess fundamental motor skills: two skills and two approachesHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A 1-Jun-2015
2016Preservice Generalist Teachers Enlightened Approach to Teaching Physical Education Through Teacher BiographyHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A ; Varea, Valeria 7-Apr-2016