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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Image-language interaction in online reading environments: challenges for students' reading comprehensionChan, Eveline ; Unsworth, Leonard 24-Jun-2011
2007Image/text relations and intersemiosis: Towards multimodal text description for multiliteracies educationUnsworth, Len 17-Aug-2009
2010Introducing Multimodal Literacy to Young Children Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)Unsworth, Leonard ; Bush, Robyn24-Mar-2010
2005A literacy lifeline for students at riskUnsworth, Len 21-Aug-2009
2006Multiliteracies and a metalanguage of image/text relations: Implications for teaching English as a first or additional language in the 21st centuryUnsworth, Len 10-Aug-2009
2008Multiliteracies and Metalanguage: Describing Image/Text Relations as a Resource for Negotiating Multimodal TextsUnsworth, Len 26-Nov-2009
2007Multiliteracies and Multimodal Text Analysis in Classroom Work with Children's LiteratureUnsworth, Len 13-Aug-2009
2008Multiliteracies, E-literature and English TeachingUnsworth, Len 21-May-2009
2010Multimodal construction of point/s of view in student's digital 3-D animated narrative compositionsO'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chandler, Paul; Thomas, Angela6-Jun-2011
2008Multimodal Semiotic Analyses and EducationUnsworth, Len 26-Nov-2009
2008Multimodal Semiotics: Functional Analysis in Contexts of EducationUnsworth, Len 10-Sep-2009
2009Multimodality and reading: The construction of meaning through image-text interactionUnsworth, Leonard ; Cheirigh, Chris21-Apr-2010
2008Negotiating New Literacies in English TeachingUnsworth, Len 18-Aug-2009
2014New challenges for literature study in primary school English: building teacher knowledge and know-how through systemic functional theoryMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Unsworth, Len 22-Jan-2015
2008New Literacies and the English Curriculum: Multimodal PerspectivesUnsworth, Len 13-Aug-2009
2015New ways of working 'with grammar in mind' in School English: Insights from systemic functional grammaticsMacken-Horarik, Mary ; Sandiford, Carmel; Love, Kristina; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Sep-2015
2011Organizing Visual Meaning: FRAMING and BALANCE in Picture-Book ImagesPainter, Clare; Martin, JR; Unsworth, Leonard 28-Mar-2012
2004Re-orienting "at Risk" Literacy Learners through multiliteracies Development with "Learning Objects" Enacting Authentic Comprehending and Composing Contexts On-lineUnsworth, Len ; Harrison, Janine16-Feb-2010
2003Reframing research and literacy pedagogy relating to CD narratives: Addressing 'radical change' in digital age literature for childrenUnsworth, Leonard 25-May-2010
2010Resourcing Multimodal Literacy Pedagogy: Toward a Description of the Meaning-Making Resources of Language-Image InteractionUnsworth, Leonard 13-May-2011