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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20103D multimodal authoring in the Middle Years: a research projectO'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chandler, Paul2-May-2011
2012Aboriginal and rural students' comprehension and talk about image-language relations in reading testsDaly, Ann Elizabeth; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline ; Lind, Peter3-Aug-2012
2009Adolescent literacies for critical social and community engagementHumphrey, Sally Louise; Unsworth, Leonard ; MacKen-Horarik, Mary17-Sep-2009
2011Analysis and comprehension of multimodal textsDaly, Ann E; Unsworth, Leonard 26-Jul-2011
2008Artful Thinking: Critical and Creative Thinking in Primary and Secondary Visual Arts EducationAlter, Frances ; Unsworth, Leonard ; Paterson, David; Reid, Jo-Anne; Rauch, Kristen7-May-2009
2008Assessing integrative reading of images and text in group reading comprehension testsUnsworth, Len ; Chan, E 13-Aug-2009
2009Bridging multimodal literacies and national assessment programs in literacyUnsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline 9-Mar-2010
2010Challenges in the Development of a Multimedia Authoring PedagogyChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 15-Mar-2010
2002Changing dimensions of school literaciesUnsworth, L 13-Jun-2008
2012Children's Book Awards in Australia: Their Effects on the Literary MarketplaceFisher, Heather Jean; Hale, Elizabeth ; Fisher, Jeremy ; Croker, Beverley M; Buckland, Corinne; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2012
2005Children's literature and computer based teachingUnsworth, Len ; Thomas, A; Simpson, A; Asha, J11-Aug-2009
2008The coal-face and the cutting-edge: a grammar for interfacing traditional and new literacies in the English curriculumUnsworth, Len 20-Aug-2009
2008Comparing and Composing Digital Re-presentations of Literature: Multimedia Authoring and Meta-communicative KnowledgeUnsworth, Len 18-Aug-2009
2004Comparing School Science Explanations in Books and Computer-Based Formats: The Role of Images, Image/Text Relations and HyperlinksUnsworth, Len 10-Aug-2009
2014The Deployment of the Language of Evaluation in English and Vietnamese Spoken DiscourseNgo, Thu Thi Bich; Unsworth, Leonard ; Feez, Susan ; Chan, Eveline 20-Apr-2015
2006Describing meaning-making at the intersection of language and image: Towards a metalanguage for multi-modal literacy pedagogyUnsworth, Len 18-Aug-2009
2005Developing dimensions of an education linguisticsChristie, Frances; Unsworth, Len 22-Mar-2010
2011Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomesBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie M ; Brown, Jude E ; Unsworth, Leonard 9-Jan-2012
2012Digital natives?: New and old media and children's language acquisitionBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie; Brown, Jude; Unsworth, Leonard 15-Sep-2017
2007E-literature and on-line literary resources for 'Net-age' studentsUnsworth, Len 28-Aug-2009