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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Assessing nitrogen fixation in mixed- and single-species plantations of 'Eucalyptus globulus' and 'Acacia mearnsii'Forrester, David I; Schortemeyer, Marcus; Stock, William D; Bauhus, Jurgen; Khanna, Partap K; Cowie, Annette 8-Dec-2011
2015Attributional life cycle assessment is a land-use baseline necessary?: is a land-use baseline necessary?Soimakallio, Sampo; Cowie, Annette ; Brandão, Miguel; Finnveden, Göran; Ekvall, Tomas; Erlandsson, Martin; Koponen, Kati; Karlsson, Per-Erik29-Aug-2017
2017Biochar addition in rice farming systems: Economic and energy benefitsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; Joseph, Stephen 11-Oct-2017
2009Biochar and Emissions of Non-CO₂ Greenhouse Gases from SoilVan Zwieten, Lukas; Singh, Bhupinderpal ; Joseph, Stephen; Kimber, Stephen; Cowie, Annette ; Chan, K Yin25-Mar-2012
2012Biochar as a Geoengineering Climate Solution: Hazard Identification and Risk ManagementDownie, Adriana; Munroe, Paul; Cowie, Annette ; Van Zwieten, Lukas ; Lau, David M S13-May-2013
2012Biochar Carbon Stability in a Clayey Soil As a Function of Feedstock and Pyrolysis TemperatureSingh, Bhupinder Pal ; Cowie, Annette ; Smernik, Ronald J18-Feb-2013
2011Biochar in Soil for Climate Change Mitigation and AdaptationWaters, David; Van Zwieten, Lukas ; Singh, Bhupinder Pal ; Downie, Adriana; Cowie, Annette ; Lehmann, Johannes15-Apr-2013
2016Biochar use for climate-change mitigation in rice cropping systemsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; de la Rosa, Ruy Anaya; Kristiansen, Paul ; Brandao, Miguel; Joseph, Stephen 20-Jul-2016
2009Biochar, Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Emissions TradingGaunt, John; Cowie, Annette 25-Mar-2012
2013Bioenergy and land use change - state of the artBerndes, G; Ahlgren, S; Borjesson, P; Cowie, Annette 12-Apr-2013
2005Bioenergy for reducing greenhouse-gas emissionsSchalamadinger, Bernhard; Cowie, Annette 8-Aug-2013
2011Bioenergy Systems, Soil Health and Climate ChangeGeorge, Brendan ; Cowie, Annette 28-Oct-2011
2011Bioenergy, Land Use Change and Climate Change Mitigation: Background Technical ReportBerndes, Goran; Bird, Neil; Cowie, Annette 4-Jul-2013
2010Bioenergy, Land Use Change and Climate Change Mitigation: Report for Policy Advisors and Policy MakersBerndes, Goran; Bird, Neil; Cowie, Annette 4-Jul-2013
2010Bioenergy: Counting on IncentivesPingoud, Kim; Cowie, Annette ; Bird, Neil; Gustavsson, Leif; Ruter, Sebastian; Sathre, Roger; Soimakallio, Sampo; Turk, Andreas; Woess-Gallasch, Susanne28-Apr-2011
2015Biophysical and economic limits to negative CO2 emissionsSmith, Pete; Davis, Steven J; van Vuuren, Detlef P; Rogelj, Joeri; Ciais, Philippe; Milne, Jennifer; Canadell, Josep G; McCollum, David; Peters, Glen; Andrew, Robbie; Krey, Volker; Shrestha, Gyami; Creutzig, Felix; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Gasser, Thomas; Grübler, Arnulf; Heidug, Wolfgang K; Jonas, Matthias; Jones, Chris D; Kraxner, Florian; Littleton, Emma; Lowe, Jason; Moreira, José Roberto; Fuss, Sabine; Nakicenovic, Nebojsa; Obersteiner, Michael; Patwardhan, Anand; Rogner, Mathis; Rubin, Ed; Sharifi, Ayyoob; Torvanger, Asbjørn; Yamagata, Yoshiki; Edmonds, Jae; Yongsung, Cho; Minx, Jan; Gabrielle, Benoit; Kato, Etsushi; Jackson, Robert B.; Cowie, Annette ; Kriegler, Elmar4-Sep-2017
2006Carbon allocation in a mixed-species plantation of 'Eucalyptus globulus' and 'Acacia mearnsii'Forrester, David I; Bauhus, Jurgen; Cowie, Annette 8-Dec-2011
2008Carbon and nitrogen stocks in a native pasture and an adjacent 16-year-old 'Pinus radiata' D. Don. plantation in AustraliaGuo, Lanbin B; Cowie, Annette ; Montagu, Kelvin D; Gifford, Roger M8-Dec-2011
2008Carbon Trading and Catchment Management Authorities: Predicting above-ground carbon storage of plantationsWood, Sam; Cowie, Annette ; Grieve, Alastair14-Nov-2014
2008Carbon Trading and Catchment Management Authorities: Realising the revenue potential of environmental plantings under the New South Wales carbon marketGrieve, Alastair; Wood, Sam; Cowie, Annette 14-Nov-2014