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2008Carbon and nitrogen stocks in a native pasture and an adjacent 16-year-old 'Pinus radiata' D. Don. plantation in AustraliaGuo, Lanbin B; Cowie, Annette ; Montagu, Kelvin D; Gifford, Roger M8-Dec-2011
2008Carbon Trading and Catchment Management Authorities: Predicting above-ground carbon storage of plantationsWood, Sam; Cowie, Annette ; Grieve, Alastair14-Nov-2014
2008Carbon Trading and Catchment Management Authorities: Realising the revenue potential of environmental plantings under the New South Wales carbon marketGrieve, Alastair; Wood, Sam; Cowie, Annette 14-Nov-2014
2010Characterisation and evaluation of biochars for their application as a soil amendmentSingh, Balwant; Singh, Bhupinderpal ; Cowie, Annette 28-Apr-2011
2015Climate and soil properties limit the positive effects of land use reversion on carbon storage in Eastern AustraliaFazle Rabbi, Sheikh M ; Tighe, Matthew ; Mcleod, Malem; Badgery, Warwick; Dang, Yash P; Bell, Mike; O'Leary, Garry; Liu, De Li; Baldock, Jeffery; Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Cowie, Annette ; Robertson, Fiona; Dalal, Ram; Page, Kathryn; Crawford, Doug; Wilson, Brian ; Schwenke, Graeme 1-Apr-2016
2016Climate change adaptation options in rainfed upland cropping systems in the wet tropics: A case study of smallholder farms in North-West CambodiaTouch, Van; Martin, Robert John; Scott, Jeannette Fiona; Cowie, Annette ; Liu, De Li29-Aug-2017
2016Climate change in North-Western Cambodia: impact assessment, vulnerability and scope for adaptation in upland agricultural systemsTouch, Van; Martin, Bob; Cowie, Annette 5-Apr-2018
2016The climate effect of increased forest bioenergy use in Sweden: evaluation at different spatial and temporal scalesCintas, Olivia; Berndes, Goran; Cowie, Annette ; Egnell, Gustaf; Holmstrom, Hampus; Agren, Goran I29-Aug-2017
2017Climate-change and health effects of using rice husk for biocharcompost: Comparing three pyrolysis systemsMohammadi, Ali; Cowie, Annette ; Anh Mai, Thi Lan; Brandao, Miguel; Anaya de la Rosa, Ruy; Kristiansen, Paul ; Joseph, Stephen 19-Oct-2017
2012A comment to "Large-scale bioenergy from additional harvest of forest biomass is neither sustainable nor greenhouse gas neutral": Important insights beyond greenhouse gas accountingBright, Ryan M; Cherubini, Francesco; Astrup, Rasmus; Bird, Neil; Cowie, Annette ; Ducey, Mark J; Marland, Greg; Pingoud, Kim; Savolainen, Ilkka; Stromman, Anders H18-Feb-2013
2007Competition for the biomass resource: Greenhouse impacts and implications for renewable energy incentive schemesCowie, Annette ; Gardner, W David12-Dec-2011
2015The decay of wood in landfills in contrasting climates in AustraliaXimenes, Fabiano; Björdal, Charlotte; Cowie, Annette ; Barlaz, Morton4-Sep-2017
2008The decomposition of wood products in landfills in Sydney, AustraliaXimenes, Fabiano A; Gardner, W David; Cowie, Annette 4-Nov-2011
Apr-2020Determining the critical period for grass control in high-yielding cotton using Japanese millet as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 13-Jul-2020
2019Determining the critical period for weed control in high-yielding cotton using common sunflower as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019
2005Developing general allometric relationships for regional estimates of carbon sequestration - an example using 'Eucalyptus pilularis' from seven contrasting sitesMontagu, KD; Duttmer, K; Barton, CVM; Cowie, Annette 14-Dec-2011
2006Does Soil Carbon Loss in Biomass Production Systems Negate the Greenhouse Benefits of Bioenergy?Cowie, Annette ; Smith, Pete; Johnson, Dale8-Dec-2011
2012Effect of biochar on P uptake from two acid soilsSupriyadi, Slamet; Cowie, Annette ; Guppy, Christopher ; McLeod, Malem K; Daniel, Heiko 2-Jul-2013
2010Effects of biochar from slow pyrolysis of papermill waste on agronomic performance and soil fertilityVan Zwieten, Lukas ; Kimber, S; Morris, S; Chan, K Y; Downie, A; Rust, J; Joseph, S; Cowie, Annette 25-May-2010
2006Effects of Changing the Supply of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Growth and Interactions between 'Eucalyptus globulus' and 'Acacia mearnsii' in a Pot trialForrester, David I; Cowie, Annette ; Bauhus, Jurgen; Wood, Jeff T; Forrester, Robert I12-Dec-2011