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2013Difficult Research Conversations: Sharing Socially Sensitive Research in the Public DomainBabacan, Hurriyet ; Babacan, Alperhan15-Sep-2014
2015Environmental Sustainability and Social Work: A Rural Australian Evaluation of Incorporating Eco-Social Work in Field EducationCrawford, Frances ; Agustine, Savana Sabine; Earle, Leah; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Luxford, Yoni ; Babacan, Hurriyet 5-Feb-2016
2013Gender, Diversity and Public PolicyBabacan, Hurriyet 18-Sep-2014
2012Homelessness in Douglas - It's Much More Than Not Having a Roof Over Your HeadPointing, Boris; Babacan, Hurriyet ; Clough, Alan22-Sep-2014
2013Nation State, Social Cohesion and Cultural DiversityBabacan, Hurriyet ; Herrmann, Peter21-Oct-2014
2013The State as a Mechanism for Exclusion: Nationhood, Citizenship, EthnicityHerrmann, Peter; Babacan, Hurriyet 20-Nov-2014
2012The Transformative Potential of an Internationalised Human Rights Law CurriculumBabacan, Alperhan; Babacan, Hurriyet 18-Sep-2014