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31-Aug-2016Big Data and Australian HistoryMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
Sep-2018Cannibalism amongst penitentiary escapees from Sarah Island in nineteenth century Van Diemen's LandByard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
Jun-2021Crime, Penal Transportation, and Digital MethodologiesGodfrey, Barry; Homer, Caroline; Inwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Reed, Rebecca; Tuffin, Richard 24-Aug-2021
1-Jan-2017Female convict labour and absconding rates in colonial AustraliaMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael25-Nov-2021
31-Mar-2021Historical Databases Now and in the FutureInwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 6-Aug-2021
Jun-2019Historical forensic pathology – a "new" disciplineByard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 30-Nov-2021
1-Jul-2020Integrating Historical Records through Digital Data Linking: Convicts Prosecuted for Collective Action in Van Diemen's LandTuffin, Richard ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael6-Aug-2021
Jul-2018Judicial Murder-Suicides in Van Diemen's LandByard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
7-Feb-2018Landscapes of Production and Punishment: Convict labour in the Australian contextTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roe, David; Steele, Jody; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry1-Dec-2021
24-Apr-2018Landscapes of production and punishment: convict labour management on the Tasman Peninsula 1830-1877Gibbs, Martin D ; Tuffin, Richard L ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roberts, David A ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody N ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry S2-Jul-2018
Mar-2018The potential forensic significance of convict archives from Van Diemen's Land, 1820-1877Byard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
19-Oct-2019Prisoners discharged from Victorian prisons 1864-1869Finnane, Mark; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 1-Dec-2021
19-Feb-2021Prisoners discharged from Victorian prisons 1870-1879Finnane, Mark; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Inwood, Kris7-Dec-2021
16-Aug-2021Reconstructing a Longitudinal Dataset for TasmaniaCowley, Trudy; Frost, Lucy; Inwood, Kris; Kippen, Rebecca; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Schwarz, Monika; Shepherd, John; Tuffin, Richard ; Williams, Mark; Wilson, John; Wilson, Paul29-Nov-2021
2021Rites of Passage: The Voyage to Convict Australia and the Creation of the Penal LabourerShepherd, John; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
Mar-2019Scurvy-Characteristic Features and Forensic IssuesByard, Roger W; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 29-Nov-2021
2020Selection Bias and Social Science HistoryInwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 24-Jun-2021
2020The Short and the Tall: Comparing Stature and Socio-Economic Status for Male Prison and Military PopulationsInwood, Kris; Kippen, Rebecca; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Steckel, Richard24-Jun-2021
2016The State, Convicts and Longitudinal AnalysisMaxwell-Stewart, Hamish 25-Nov-2021
1-Sep-2020Western Australia and transportation in the British Empire 1615-1939Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 8-Aug-2021