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May-2018Abundance, diet and prey selection of arboreal lizards in a grazed tropical woodlandNordberg, Eric J ; Murray, Paul; Alford, Ross; Schwarzkopf, Lin15-Sep-2021
Jan-2019Antipredator behaviour of invasive geckos in response to chemical cues from snakesCornelis, Jari; Nordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
1-Dec-2015Arboreal Cover Boards: Using Artificial Bark to Sample Cryptic Arboreal LizardsNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
Mar-2018Arboreality increases reptile community resistance to disturbance from livestock grazingNeilly, Heather; Nordberg, Eric J ; VanDerWal, Jeremy; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
16-Dec-2017Body temperatures and winter activity in overwintering Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in Tennessee, USANordberg, Eric J ; Cobb, Viincent A14-Sep-2021
6-Nov-2020Ecological niche and microhabitat use of Australian geckosRiedel, Jendrian; Nordberg, Eric ; Schwarzkopf, Lin10-Sep-2021
16-Oct-2020Geckos cling best to, and prefer to use, rough surfacesPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
May-2019Heat seekers: A tropical nocturnal lizard uses behavioral thermoregulation to exploit rare microclimates at nightNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Aug-2021Leech removal is not the primary driver of basking behavior in a freshwater turtleMcKnight, Donald T; Wirth, Wytamma; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Nordberg, Eric J 15-Sep-2021
1-Jun-2016Midwinter Emergence in Hibernating Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus)Nordberg, Eric J ; Cobb, Vincent A8-Sep-2021
Jul-2020Nocturnal basking behavior in a freshwater turtleNordberg, Eric J ; McKnight, Donald T8-Sep-2021
13-Mar-2020Nonlinear variation in clinging performance with surface roughness in geckosPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
Dec-2019Potential impacts of intraguild predation by invasive Asian house geckosNordberg, Eric J 13-Sep-2021
22-May-2019Predation risk is a function of alternative prey availability rather than predator abundance in a tropical savanna woodland ecosystemNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin13-Sep-2021
Feb-2019Reduced competition may allow generalist species to benefit from habitat homogenizationNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Aug-2021Small nature preserves do not adequately support large-ranging snakes: Movement ecology and site fidelity in a fragmented rural landscapeNordberg, Eric ; Ashley, Jon; Hoekstra, Alyssa A; Kirkpatrick, Sarah; Cobb, Vincent A8-Sep-2021
Jun-2018Terrestrial invertebrates: An underestimated predator guild for small vertebrate groupNordberg, Eric J ; Edwards, Lexie; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Jul-2021Testing measures of boldness and exploratory activity in native versus invasive species: geckos as a model systemNordberg, Eric ; Denny, Rheanne; Schwarzkopf, Lin7-Sep-2021