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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20-Dec-2012Assessing DSM-IV symptoms of panic attack in the general population: An item response analysisSunderland, Matthew; Hobbs, Megan J ; Andrews, Gavin; Craske, Michelle G25-May-2020
1-Apr-2020Comparing Scores From Full Length, Short Form, and Adaptive Tests of the Social Interaction Anxiety and Social Phobia ScalesSunderland, Matthew; Afzali, Mohammad H; Batterham, Philip J; Calear, Alison L; Carragher, Natacha; Hobbs, Megan ; Mahoney, Alison; Peters, Lorna; Slade, Tim19-May-2020
May-2016Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy for major depression: A reply to the REEACT trialAndrews, Gavin; Hobbs, Megan J ; Newby, Jill M22-May-2020
Oct-2017DSM-5 illness anxiety disorder and somatic symptom disorder: Comorbidity, correlates, and overlap with DSM-IV hypochondriasisNewby, Jill M; Hobbs, Megan J ; Mahoney, Alison E J; Wong, Shiu (Kelvin); Andrews, Gavin21-May-2020
Mar-2016DSM-IV post-traumatic stress disorder among World Trade Center responders 11-13 years after the disaster of 11 September 2001 (9/11)Bromet, E J; Hobbs, M J ; Clouston, S A P; Gonzalez, A; Kotov, R; Luft, B J22-May-2020
Feb-2007EEG abnormalities in adolescent males with AD/HDHobbs, Megan J ; Clarke, Adam R; Barry, Robert J; McCarthy, Rory; Selikowitz, Mark27-May-2020
1-Sep-2010The effect of the draft DSM-5 criteria for GAD on prevalence and severityAndrews, Gavin; Hobbs, Megan J 27-May-2020
1-Mar-2020The effectiveness of internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for health anxiety in routine careNewby, Jill M; Haskelberg, Hila; Hobbs, Megan J ; Mahoney, Alison E J; Mason, Elizabeth; Andrews, Gavin19-May-2020
Dec-2017The effectiveness of unguided internet cognitive behavioural therapy for mixed anxiety and depressionMorgan, Carla; Mason, Elizabeth; Newby, Jill M; Mahoney, Alison E J; Hobbs, Megan J ; McAloon, John; Andrews, Gavin21-May-2020
Dec-2009Emotional disorders: Cluster 4 of the proposed meta-structure for DSM-V and ICD-11Goldberg, D P; Krueger, R F; Andrews, G; Hobbs, M J 27-May-2020
2015Evidence-Based PsychiatryHobbs, Megan 28-May-2020
2016Fatigue severity in World Trade Center (9/11) responders: a preliminary studyFriedberg, Fred; Adamowicz, Jenna L; Caikauskaite, Indre; Napoli, Anthony; Shapira, Oren; Hobbs, Megan ; Bromet, Evelyn; Kotov, Roman; Gonzalez, Adam; Clouston, Sean; Luft, Benjamin22-May-2020
2-Mar-2015Frequency and quality of mental health treatment for affective and anxiety disorders among Australian adultsHarris, Meredith G; Hobbs, Megan J ; Burgess, Philip M; Pirkis, Jane E; Diminic, Sandra; Siskind, Dan J; Andrews, Gavin; Whiteford, Harvey A25-May-2020
Feb-2010Generalized Worry Disorder: A Review of DSM-IV Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Options for DSM-VAndrews, Gavin; Hobbs, Megan J ; Borkovec, Thomas D; Beesdo, Katja; Craske, Michelle G; Heimberg, Richard G; Rapee, Ronald M; Ruscio, Ayelet Meron; Stanley, Melinda A25-May-2020
Oct-2017Integrating iCBT for generalized anxiety disorder into routine clinical care: Treatment effects across the adult lifespanHobbs, Megan J ; Mahoney, Alison E J; Andrews, Gavin21-May-2020
Jul-2020Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for treating symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder in routine careLuu, John; Millard, Michael; Newby, Jill; Haskelberg, Hila; Hobbs, Megan J ; Mahoney, Alison E J30-Jul-2020
Feb-2020Item Response Theory Analysis of the Big Five Questionnaire for Children–Short Form (BFC-SF): A Self-Report Measure of Personality in Children Aged 11–12 YearsBore, Miles; Laurens, Kristin R; Hobbs, Megan J ; Green, Melissa J; Tzoumakis, Stacy; Harris, Felicity; Carr, Vaughan J19-May-2020
13-Aug-2019Maintain Your Brain: Protocol of a 3-Year Randomized Controlled Trial of a Personalized Multi-Modal Digital Health Intervention to Prevent Cognitive Decline Among Community Dwelling 55 to 77 Year OldsHeffernan, Megan; Andrews, Gavin; Fiatarone Singh, Maria A; Valenzuela, Michael; Anstey, Kaarin J; Maeder, Anthony J; McNeil, John; Jorm, Louisa; Lautenschlager, Nicola T; Sachdev, Perminder S; Ginige, Jeewani A; Hobbs, Megan J ; Boulamatsis, Christos; Chau, Tiffany; Cobiac, Lynne; Cox, Kay L; Daniel, Kenneth; Flood, Victoria M; Guerrero, Yareni; Gunn, Jane; Jain, Nidhi; Kochan, Nicole A; Lampit, Amit; Mavros, Yorgi; Meiklejohn, Jacinda; Noble, Yian; O'Leary, Fiona; Radd-Vagenas, Sue; Walton, Courtney C; Bosler, Nan; Betz-Stablein, Brigid; Briggs, Nancy; Christensen, Helen; Chuprov, Igor; Hayen, Andrew; Kivipelto, Miia; Lapsley, Helen; Redman, Sally; San Jose, Juan Carlo; Welberry, Heidi; Brodaty, Henry19-May-2020
Jul-2018Maladaptive Behaviours Associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: An Item Response Theory AnalysisMahoney, Alison E J; Hobbs, Megan J ; Newby, Jill M; Williams, Alishia D; Andrews, Gavin19-May-2020
Jun-2018The Mediating Relationship Between Maladaptive Behaviours, Cognitive Factors, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder SymptomsMahoney, Alison E J; Hobbs, Megan J ; Williams, Alishia D; Andrews, Gavin; Newby, Jill M21-May-2020