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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
201630 Years of Urban Environmental Volunteering in Western Australia: Friends of Brixton Street Wetlands, Kenwick: Glimpses and InsightsDhakal, Subas P 25-Mar-2020
Apr-2018Analysing news media coverage of the 2015 Nepal earthquake using a community capitals lens: implications for disaster resilienceDhakal, Subas P 27-Nov-2019
1-Jul-2014Asset management policies and guidelines of different states in Australia: A comparative analysisMahmood, Muhammad Nateque; Dhakal, Subas Prasad ; Brown, Kerry; Keast, Robyn; Wiewiora, Anna2-Dec-2019
2017Attracting and retaining personal care assistants into the Western Australia (WA) residential aged care sectorDhakal, Subas ; Nankervis, Alan; Connell, Julia; Fitzgerald, Scott; Burgess, John2-Dec-2019
2018Bridging the energy access divide for sustainable development in South Asia: policies and prospects in NepalDhakal, Subas P ; Mahmood, Muhammad N; Bogati, Ramji29-Nov-2019
31-Oct-2011Can Environmental Governance Benefit From an ICT-Social Capital Nexus in Civil Society?Dhakal, Subas P 24-Mar-2020
2019Challenges and Strategies of Transition from Graduation to Work in the Post-2020 Asia Pacific and Beyond: A Comparative Analysis of Nine CountriesDhakal, Subas ; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Prikshat, Verma9-Dec-2019
2018A comparative perspective on work-readiness challenges in the Asia Pacific regionDhakal, Subas ; Burgess, John; Cameron, Roslyn; Nankervis, Alan10-Dec-2019
2019Conceptualising Graduate Work-Readiness: Theories, Concepts and Implications for Practice and ResearchPrikshat, Verma; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Dhakal, Subas 9-Dec-2019
2019Conclusion: The Future for Transition from Graduation to Work in the Asia Pacific and BeyondDhakal, Subas ; Prikshat, Verma; Burgess, John; Nankervis, Alan9-Dec-2019
2018Conclusion: The future for work-readiness and graduate employability in the Asia PacificCameron, Roslyn; Burgess, John; Dhakal, Subas ; Mumme, Barbara10-Dec-2019
8-Oct-2018Cooperative Enterprises and Sustainable Development in Post-Crisis Nepal: A Social Responsibility Perspective on Women’s Employment and EmpowermentDhakal, Subas P 11-Feb-2020
Apr-2018Developing Sustainable Career Pathways for Aged Care Workers: A WA Case StudyBurgess, John; Connell, Julia; Nankervis, Alan; Dhakal, Subas ; Fitzgerald, Scott24-Mar-2020
2014An exploratory perspective on sustainable tourism as wise-use of a protected wetland in ThailandDhakal, Subas P 9-Mar-2020
2015Fragile environment in need of resilient carers? A case of regional natural resources management in Perth, Western AustraliaDhakal, Subas Prasad 2-Dec-2019
18-Nov-2014ICT-Mediated Adaptive Capacity of Environmental Third Sector in AustraliaDhakal, Subas P 24-Mar-2020
14-Mar-2018Inclusion and work: addressing the global challenges for youth employmentDhakal, Subas P ; Connell, Julia; Burgess, John28-Nov-2019
2013The Innovation Potential of Living-Labs to Strengthen Small and Medium Enterprises in Regional AustraliaDhakal, Subas P ; Mahmood, Muhammad N; Wiewora, Anna; Brown, Kerry; Keast, Robyn24-Mar-2020
2014International aid and cyclone shelters in Bangladesh: adaptation or maladaptation?Dhakal, Subas P ; Mahmood, Muhammad N2-Dec-2019
2019An Introduction to the Transition from Graduation to Work: Challenges and Strategies in the Asia Pacific and BeyondDhakal, Subas ; Prikshat, Verma; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John9-Dec-2019