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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Sep-2018ASEAN energy sector under public-private partnership: challenge for market governanceWisuttisak, Pornchai; Rahim, Mia Mahmudur 4-Nov-2019
2019Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations: Challenges and OpportunitiesRahim, Mia Mahmudur 19-Sep-2019
1-Sep-2015The Collective Bargaining Authorization Provision for SMEs in the Australian Competition Law: Serving or Distorting a Public Benefit?Rahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Brady, Iolani30-Aug-2019
2009Collective Dominance in Competition Law and Policy of the European Union: An AssessmentRahim, Mia Mahmudur 18-Oct-2019
2019Converged Approach in Regulation for Socializing Transnational CorporationsRahim, Mia Mahmudur 20-Sep-2019
Jun-2014Convergence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance in Weak Economies: The case of BangladeshRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Alam, Shawkat17-Sep-2019
2012Corporate Governance as Social Responsibility: A Meta-regulation Approach to Raise Social Responsibility of Corporate Governance in a Weak EconomyRahim, Mia Mahmudur 21-Oct-2019
2017Corporate Governance in India: The potential for GhandismRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Kuruppu, Sanjaya20-Oct-2019
2013Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation in the EU and USA: The Trend and the Way ForwardRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Nasrullah, Nakib Mohammad27-Sep-2019
2014Corporate Social Responsibility to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Extending Sustainable Development in SocietyRahim, Mia Mahmudur 23-Sep-2019
11-Feb-2013Corporate Social Responsibility-Oriented Compliances and SMEs Access to Global Market: Evidence from BangladeshRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Wisuttisak, Pornchai17-Sep-2019
Jul-2016Country-by-country reporting: An assessment of its objective and scopeLonghorn, Monique; Rahim, Mia ; Sadiq, Kerrie2-Sep-2019
Jul-2010Credit rating agencies’ roles have to be reassessedRahim, Mia Mahmudur 19-Sep-2019
2014CSR in Private Enterprises in Developing Countries: Evidences from the Ready-Made Garments Industry in BangladeshNasrullah, Nakib Muhammad; Rahim, Mia Mahmudur 16-Sep-2019
2008Democracy and Participation in Singapore: A Case StudyRahim, Mia Mahmudur 4-Nov-2019
Sep-2020Freedom of association in the Bangladeshi garment industry: A policy schizophrenia in labour regulationRahim, Mia Mahmudur ; Islam, S K Samidul19-Feb-2020
4-Dec-2013Harnessing SD and CSR within Corporate Self-regulation of Weak Economies- A Meta-regulation ApproachRahim, Mia Mahmudur 16-Sep-2019
2010High Performing Asian Economies: A CritiqueRam, Mia Mahmudur 4-Sep-2019
8-Jul-2020Humanising the global supply chain: building a decent work environment in the readymade garments supply industry in BangladeshRahim, Mia Mahmudur 14-Oct-2020
2014The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Governance: The Rise of Standardization of CSR PrinciplesRahim, Mia Mahmudur 6-Sep-2019