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200920 Year Snap-Shot of the Developments in the Regulation of Small CorporationsAdams, Michael 19-Jul-2019
2018Australian Corporate LawHarris, Jason; Hargovan, Anil; Adams, Michael 13-Oct-2019
1999Australian Insiders' Views on Insider TradingFreeman, Mark A; Adams, Michael A 6-Sep-2019
2019Australian Prudential Regulation Authority: The History, Criticisms and Challenges of a Risk RegulatorAdams, Michael ; Borsellino, Grace; Young, Angus2-Dec-2019
2015Board Diversity: More Than a Gender Issue?Adams, Michael 19-Jul-2019
2010Corporate governance reform: An empirical study of the changing roles and responsibilities of Australian boards and directorsKlettner, Alice; Clarke, Thomas; Adams, Michael 19-Jul-2019
2002Does increasing criminality make for better reform of the financial services industry?Adams, Michael A 5-Sep-2019
Sep-2002Financial sector reform and professional adviceAdams, Michael A 10-Sep-2019
1999Is Insider Trading a Necessary Evil for Efficient Markets?: An International Comparative AnalysisSemaan, Lori; Freeman, Mark A; Adams, Michael A 13-Oct-2019
2006Preliminary review of over-regulation in Australian financial servicesAdams, Michael A ; Young, Angus; Nehme, Marina19-Jul-2019
2012Section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law and Environmental IssuesNehme, Marina; Adams, Michael 19-Jul-2019
Jul-2018Three pillars of corporate governanceAdams, Michael A 3-Dec-2019