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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
3-Aug-2021Adult cancer survivors' health literacy skills and their management of chronic issues secondary to oncologic treatments in AustraliaMalaguti, Manuela; Wang, Cindy ; Smith, Zaneta 3-Sep-2021
17-Aug-2022Dataset for research article: Exploring the Experiences of Pharmacy Students and Their Transition to Online Learning during COVID-19Morling, Aleisha; Wang, Cindy ; Spark, Joy 31-Aug-2022
Jan-2015The desire to survive: The adaptation process of adult cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyChao, Yu Huan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Hsu, Tsui Hua; Wang, Kai Wei K17-Jun-2019
Sep-2018The Diabetic Foot Amputation Decision-Making ProcessWang, Shou-Yu ; Liu, Ju-Fen; Huang, Yu-Ping; Chang, Ying-Ying2-Jun-2020
Feb-2021Effectiveness of a Multimedia Patient Education Intervention on Improving Self-Care Knowledge and Skills in Patients with Colorectal Cancer after Enterostomy Surgery-A Pilot StudyWang, Shou-Yu ; Chang, Tsai-Hsiu; Han, Chiao-Yi22-Apr-2021
1-Sep-2014Experience of Nurses Caring for Child With Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in General Pediatric Ward: A Descriptive Phenomenological ApproachHuang, Yu-Ping; Kellett, Ursula; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chang, Mei-Yu; Chih, Hui-Min18-Jun-2019
Aug-2019The experience of spousal caregivers of patients recently diagnosed with cancer in TaiwanHuang, Yu-Ping; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chen, Su-Hui; Hsu, Wan-Yun; Chang, Mei-Yu11-Apr-2019
Dec-2012Exploring Taiwanese nursing students’ lived experiences of paediatric clinical practiceHuang, Yu-Ping; Chen, Yuen-Chih; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Lee, Huey-Ing; Chen, Hsiu-Jung20-Jun-2019
2018Exploring the Development of Professional Competence in Nurse Practitioners in TaiwanTseng, Shih-Ping; Tsai, Hui-Ju; Wang, Shou-Yu 7-Jun-2019
-Family of Cancer Patients Responses and Actions to People With Cancer Who Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Qualitative Study in TaiwanWang, Shou-Yu ; Chuang, Yeu-Hui; Liu, Ju-Fen; Chang, Ying-Ying7-Jul-2021
1-Feb-2022Five Different Lives after Suffering from Spinal Cord Injury: The Experiences of Nurses Who Take Care of Spinal Cord Injury PatientsWang, Shou-Yu ; Hong, Shih-Ru; Tan, Jung-Ying25-May-2022
Jun-2016Health care professionals' interactions with cancer patients who use complementary and alternative medicine in TaiwanWang, Shou-Yu ; Lin, Li-Wei; Chang, Ying-Ying; Huang, Yu-Ping17-Jun-2019
Feb-2019Infection preventionists' challenges in psychiatric clinical settingsLi, Pei-Hsuan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Tan, Jung-Ying; Lee, Li-Hung; Yang, Cheng-l12-Apr-2019
Sep-2020Integrative review of breast cancer survivors' transition experience and transitional care: dialog with transition theory perspectivesChao, Yu-Huan; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Sheu, Shuh-Jen4-Jun-2020
2018Ischemic Stroke Patients' Decision-Making Process in Their Use of Western Medicine and Alternative and Complementary MedicineHsieh, Chen-Ying; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chuang, Yeu-Hui; Chen, Ho-Hsiang7-Jun-2019
2021Looking for an answer under the shadow-Life narratives among people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregiversWang, Shou-Yu Cindy ; Chang, Mei-Li; Chang, Ying-Ying30-Jun-2021
Sep-2019Nurses' perceptions regarding providing psychological care for older residents in long-term care facilities: A qualitative studyKuo, Chien-Lin; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Tsai, Chuan-Hsiu; Pan, Yu-Fan; Chuang, Yeu-Hui2-Jun-2020
Oct-2006Nurses' responses to people with cancer who use complementary and alternative medicineWang, Shou-Yu Cindy ; Yates, Patsy17-Jun-2019
Mar-2016Nursing Students' Willingness to Care for Older Adults in TaiwanChi, Mei-Ju; Shyu, Meei-Ling; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Chuang, Hsiu-Ching; Chuang, Yeu-Hui17-Jun-2019
Jun-2022Older residents' perceptions of loneliness in long-term care facilities: A qualitative studyHuang, Pi-Hua; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Hu, Sophia H; Chuang, Yeu-Hui25-May-2022