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2000Chartist Political Culture in Britain and Colonial Australia, c. 1835-1860Messner, Andrew Charles; Atkinson, Alan; Kent, David ; Prothero, Iori2-Jun-2014
2007A History of the Idea 'Moral Economy': Markets, Conventions and the Philosophy of Popular EntitlementOwen, John Robert; Lynch, Anthony ; Kent, David ; Walsh, Adrian 4-Jun-2014
2007Law, Lawyers and the Interregnum: 1649-1660Milgate, Michael Andrew; Kent, David ; Quaife, Geoffrey15-Sep-2010
2007Ollera and its people: A social and cultural history of a New England pastoral station, 1838--1914Rodwell, Margaret Eleanor; Atchison, John ; Kent, David 14-Sep-2010
2005Space, Time and Sovereignty: Literate Culture and Colonial Nationhood in New South Wales up to 1860Coote, Anne Isobel; Atkinson, Alan; Townsend, Norma; Kent, David 26-Jun-2013
2002Witch Hunter: The Impact and Influence Of The Reverend Samuel Parris On The Salem Village Witch Trials 1692Fensom, Selina Anne; Quaife, Geoff; Kent, David 8-Feb-2016
2002Women, Witchcraft and the Law in Early Modern Wales (1536-1736): A Continuation of Customary PracticeParkin, Sally; Fulton, Helen; Kent, David ; Atchison, John 4-Dec-2017