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14-Sep-2020Animal-Human Compassion: Structures of Feeling in Dark PastoralBarnes, Diana G 22-Sep-2020
2019Bellicose passions in Margaret Cavendish’s Playes (1662)Barnes, Diana G 8-Mar-2019
14-Sep-2020Compassion, a Timely Feeling ...Barnes, Diana G ; Falconer, Delia25-Sep-2020
2016Editing Early Modern Women's Letters for Print PublicationBarnes, Diana 27-Mar-2018
2018Emotional Debris in Early Modern LettersBarnes, Diana 4-Jun-2018
2013Epistolary community in print, 1580-1664Barnes, Diana 6-Mar-2018
2017Epistolary LiteratureBarnes, Diana 15-May-2018
2009Familiar Epistolary Philosophy: Margaret Cavendish's 'Philosophical Letters' (1664)Barnes, Diana 22-Feb-2018
2010Gender, Genre and Canonicity: Dorothy Osborne’s Letters to Sir William TempleBarnes, Diana 17-Apr-2018
2017PoetryBarnes, Diana 2-May-2018
2012The public life of a woman of wit and quality: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the vogue for smallpox inoculationBarnes, Diana 23-Feb-2018
2015Remembering Civil War in Andrew Marvell's 'Upon Appleton House'Barnes, Diana 22-Feb-2018
2008The Secretary of Ladies and Feminine Friendship at the Court of Henrietta MariaBarnes, Diana 4-Jun-2018
2015A Subject for Love in The Merry Wives of WindsorBarnes, Diana 22-Feb-2018
2015Tenderness, Tittle-tattle and Truth in Mother-Daughter Letters: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Wortley Montagu Stuart, Countess of Bute, and Lady Louisa StuartBarnes, Diana 20-Feb-2018
2017Wifely 'Affection and Disposition': Brilliana Harley and Thomas Gataker's A Wife in Deed (1623)Barnes, Diana 16-Apr-2018