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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016“All one in Christ Jesus”? Spiritual closeness, genealogical determinism and the conversion of Jews in Alonso de Espina’s Fortalitium FideiSoyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
27-Aug-2012Ambiguous Gender in Early Modern Spain and Portugal: Inquisitors, Doctors and the Transgression of Gender NormsSoyer, Francois 22-Jun-2020
1-Sep-2015Androgyny and the Fear of Demonic Intervention in the Early Modern Iberian Peninsula: Ecclesiastical and Popular ResponsesSoyer, Francois 22-Jun-2020
2014The Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory in Sixteenth-Century Spain and Portugal and the Origins of the Carta de los Judios de Constantinopla: New EvidenceSoyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
25-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
2017Antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Conspiracy Theory of Medical Murder in Early Modern Spain and PortugalSoyer, Francois 22-Jun-2020
2020The Blood Libel in Illustrated Books and Comics for Children in Twentieth-Century SpainSoyer, Francois 9-Sep-2020
2010El comercio de los esclavos musulmanes en el Portugal medieval: rutas y papel economicoSoyer, Francois 20-Jun-2020
2020Emotion and the popularization of anti-Jewish discourse in early modern EuropeSoyer, Francois 12-Dec-2019
Jul-2015Enforcing Religious Repression in an Age of World Empires: Assessing the Global Reach of the Spanish and Portuguese InquisitionsSoyer, Francois 10-Apr-2019
2006An example of collaboration between the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions: The Trials of the Converso Diogo Ramos and his Family (1680-1683)Soyer, Francois 20-Jun-2020
Sep-2008The Expulsion of the Muslims from Portugal (1496–1497)Soyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2013Faith, culture and fear: comparing Islamophobia in early modern Spain and twenty-first-century EuropeSoyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2018The Inquisition and the Repression of Erotic and Pornographic Imagery in Early Nineteenth-Century MadridSoyer, Francois 17-May-2018
2015Inquisition, Art, and Self-Censorship in the Early Modern Spanish Church, 1563–1834Soyer, Francois 11-Apr-2019
2014The Inquisitorial Trial of a Cross-Dressing Lesbian: Reactions and Responses to Female Homosexuality in 18th-Century PortugalSoyer, Francois 8-Apr-2019
Jun-2011‘It is not possible to be both a Jew and a Christian’: Converso religious identity and the inquisitorial trial of Custodio Nunes (1604–5)Soyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2009King Joao II of Portugal “O Principe Perfeito” and the Jews (1481-1495)Soyer, Francois 18-Jun-2020
2008King Manuel I and the expulsion of the Castilian Conversos and Muslims from Portugal in 1497: new perspectivesSoyer, Francois 24-Jun-2020
2008Le Royaume du Portugal et l’Expulsion des Juifs d’Espagne en 1492Soyer, Francois 23-Jun-2020